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Centre for Global Youth

An interdisciplinary research centre that examines what it means to grow up in a global world.

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Young people born after 1990 are growing up and making the transition to adulthood at a time when education, markets, technologies, and social demographics are changing rapidly. Through our teaching and research, we examine the wide-ranging implications of these changes for the youth of today. 

Our teaching and research is comparative and multidisciplinary, and focuses on young lives in the Global North and Global South.

About us 


Our core areas of interest and expertise are:

  • global citizenship
  • mobility, migration and cultural understanding
  • youth civic engagement and youth voice
  • youth transitions in the context of global inequalities and technological transformations
  • wellbeing and resilience (including health, mental health, and sexualities)
  • digital lives.

We put young people's experiences and perspectives at the heart of our teaching and research, and try to tackle questions such as:

  • How are young people responding to the challenges and opportunities that are emerging from greater global integration?
  • What are young people's perceptions of and attitudes towards these changes?
  • What are the commonalities, differences and inequalities in experiences of growing up in a global world?

Centre staff

Staff at UCL working on youth issues

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    We offer a range of Education, Society and Culture BA modules that focus on youth issues, including:

    PhD applications

    We also welcome applications from prospective PhD students that are interested in studying youth issues at UCL:



      UCL researchers produce a large of youth-related publications each year. Some recent highlights include:


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