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Centre for Longitudinal Studies

The home to four of Britain's internationally-renowned cohort studies, charting social change and the reasons behind it.

Director: Professor Alissa Goodman

The Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) is an Economic and Social Research Centre (ESRC website) Resource Centre.

Our centre manages four of the UK's internationally-renowned cohort studies:

  • 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS).
  • 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70).
  • Millennium Cohort Study (MCS).
  • Next Steps, formerly Longitudinal Study of Young People in England.
Birth cohort studies

What are the birth cohort studies?

The cohort studies are a type of longitudinal research. They follow people's entire life course so it's possible to build a complete picture of what it's like to grow up, live and work in the UK. By comparing data from different cohort studies, we can chart social change across different generations and start to untangle the reasons behind it. The depth and breadth of these datasets make them one of the most valuable sources of information for social research, policy and practice.

Each birth cohort study follows the lives of a group of people all born at the same point in time. Every few years, the cohort members are surveyed in order to collect information on a variety of different things, such as physical and mental health, family circumstances, parenting, education, and employment.

British birth cohort studies

The internationally-renowned British birth cohort studies are the oldest of their kind in the world. There are four national birth cohort studies in the UK: 1946, 1958, 1970, and 2000-01. With three of these studies based at CLS, the IOE houses more British birth cohort studies than any other academic institution.

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How do I access the data?

Data from the studies is available free of charge to researchers from the UK Data Service (UKDS). The UKDS provides instructions for accessing the data on its website, or you can visit the CLS website for information on accessing the data from "Next Steps" and the 1958, 1970 and Millennium Cohort studies. 

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Our staff

Academic Staff

Aase Villadsen, Research Associate
Alice Sullivan, Professor of Sociology and PI of BCS70
Alissa Goodman, Director of CLS, Professor of Economics and PI of NCDS
Anna Adamecz-Volgyi, Research Associate
Bilal Nasim, Research Data Scientist
Brian Dodgeon, Research Fellow
Bozena Wielgoszeweska, Research Associate
Carol Sanchez, Survey Manager
Darina Peycheva, Survey Manager
David Bann, Research Officer and Co-Investigator of NCDS
Ellen Thompson, Research Associate
Emily Gilbert, Survey Manager
Emla Fitzsimons, Professor of Economics and PI of MCS
Eoin McElroy, Research Associate
Erica Wong, Survey Manager
Gabriella Conti, Co-Investigator of NCDS
George Ploubidis, Professor of Population Health and Statistics, Research Director and Chief Statistician
Kate Smith, Survey Manager
Lisa Calderwood, PI of Next Steps, Senior Survey Manager
Lucy Haselden, Survey Manager
Martina Narayanan, Research Associate
Matthew Brown, Survey Manager (NCDS/BCS70)
Morag Henderson, Senior Lecturer and Co-Investigator of Next Steps
Praveetha Patalay, Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Science
Samantha Parsons, Research Associate
Vanessa Moulton, Research Associate

Find more about our researchers, publications, activities, groups and themes: UCL Research Portal, IRIS

Professional Staff

Aida Sanchez, Senior Data Manager
Anca Gourlay, Centre Manager
Andrew Peters, Research Data Assistant
Danielle Gomes, Record Linkage Manager
David Church, Research Data Manager
Denise Brown, Cohort Studies Administrator
Gearoid Garvey, Senior Operations Manager
Geeting Wong, PA and Project Support Officer
George Andrew, Cohort Maintenance Officer
Jennifer Blows,  Communications and Events Assistant
Katherine Butler, CLS Communications Manager
Karen Dennison, Records nad Legacy Data Manager and Linkage Manager
Lucy Hockley, Projects Administrator
Maggie Hancock, Research-Data Manager
Mary Ukah, Cohort Maintenance Officer
Meghan Rainsberry, Communications Manager
Peter Deane, Cohort Maintenance Officer
Sarab Rihal, Research Data Officer
Sarah Dowie, Communications Assistant
Sarah Kerry-Barnard, Research Data Manager
Robert Browne, Database Manager
Ryan Bradshaw, Communications Officer
Tom Murphy, Research Data Officer
Tony Ball, Database Manager
Vilma Agalioti-Sgompou, Research Data Manager

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Emeritus Staff

Heather Joshi, Professor of Economic and Developmental Demography
John Bynner, Visiting Professor
Shirley Dex, Professor of Longitudinal Social Research in Education

Academic Visitors

Anthony Buttaro, Visiting Academic
Ludovica Gambaro, Honorary Senior Research Associate
Jennifer Maggs, Visiting Research Associate
Michelle Kelly-Irving, Research Associate
Nikos Tzavidis, Visiting Research Associate

Study with us

CLS contributes to the teaching offered by the Department of Social Science. The cohort studies provide rich data that can be used by those completing Masters dissertations and those working towards a PhD.

Doctoral Research

CLS welcomes enquiries from individuals who would like to base their doctoral research on analysis of data from the cohort studies. Further information about potential supervisors within CLS, current research students and recently completed PhDs is available on the CLS website

Masters Degree

CLS contributes to the Social Research Methods MSc, co-ordinated by the Department of Social Science.

For enquiries contact Kathleen Middleton at k.middleton@ucl.ac.uk.

Professional Development

We offer Research Methods short courses - see UCL Short Courses.

Possible funding for these courses may be available from the Research Methods NCRM Training Bursaries (NCRM website).


Key messages

  • The CLS cohort study datasets are unique high-quality, valuable resources for research in a range of social, economic and biomedical disciplines
  • CLS is a centre of excellence in cohort study research and management
  • CLS drives innovation in longitudinal research methods, cohort study management, survey methodology, and data management and shares learning and best practice with others
  • CLS helps data users navigate the complexity of cohort study data by providing training, documentation and other support
  • Evidence from the CLS cohort studies has improved individuals' lives, and is a valuable source for policy and practice development, and for informing individual behaviour
  • Evidence from the CLS cohort studies helps to paint a clearer picture of British society by charting social change and highlighting the reasons behind it.

Ongoing research projects

CLS Cross-Cohort Research Programme (CCRP)

Funded by the ESRC for three years (April 1, 2015 - March 31, 2018). The intergenerational transmission of advantage and disadvantage is at the heart of academic analysis across a wide range of disciplines and is central to many policy concerns both in the UK and internationally.

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Intergenerational influences on physical activity
  • Parental working hours and the prevalence of obesity
  • Childhood mental health trajectories
  • Alcohol use across the life course and its links with health and wellbeing

See details on Healthy lifestyles: Cross Cohort Research Programme 

Social Mobility

  • Parent's wealth in childhood and its relationship with children's development.
  • Social mobility mechanisms and consequences.
  • Education and occupational aspirations.

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More info


Our centre is an internationally recognised interdisciplinary Economic and Social Research Centre (ESRC) Resource Centre.

CLS staff offer a range of consultancy services. Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Longitudinal data analysis.
  • Survey and sampling design.
  • Labour market activity.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Social capital and social participation.
  • Childcare.
  • Child Development.

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