IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


Research in Media Arts and Play

A collaboration with cultural organisations and community groups to develop critical and creative practice in digital media arts, games and play.

Director: Professor John Potter

ReMAP (Research in Media Arts and Play), formerly known as DARE Collaborative, is a research centre based at the UCL Knowledge Lab.

Our membership is drawn from the IOE, mainly from Media, Music, Art, Museology, and the English and Drama sections of the Department of Culture, Communication and Media. 

Our expertise

We have experience in:

  • practice-based and practice-as-research methodologies
  • creative and audiovisual methods of research
  • critical perspectives on texts and everyday media practices
  • BA & MA teaching across a broad range of disciplines related to media
  • research related to cultural digital archive practices
  • media-related policy and practice advice.

Who we are and what we do

Our members


Steering group


We develop new alliances within UCL, such the School for the Creative and Cultural Industries and beyond, by promoting conversations between academics, film and media educators, children and young people, community and minority groups, art and design practitioners, and gallery and museum curators.


We develop transdisciplinary research projects, by partnering with cultural and educational organisations, such as the British Film Institute, the V&A and The British Library, whose interests are based in arts, culture and the creative industries.

Our research principles embrace diversity, equality and inclusion in fields and disciplines related to:

  • digital media arts
  • game studies and design
  • sociology and anthropology
  • disability studies
  • art and museology
  • creative media production with schools and minority groups
  • critical perspectives on issues of representation
  • gender and queer theory
  • cultures of children’s play, film, animation and new media literacies (our longstanding engagement).