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UCL Centre for Inclusive Education

The UCL Centre for Inclusive Education focuses on access and full participation in education. Children and young people with protected characteristics are at the heart of our research.

Our Centre is internationally recognised. We are part of the IOE, Faculty of Education and Society – 1st in the world in Education since 2014 (QS subject rankings). We belong to the Department of Psychology and Human Development. 


Core staff



  • Dr Catherine Carroll – Senior Researcher
  • Sally Franklin – Educational Consultant
  • Matthew Parker – Educational Consultant
  • Samantha Rothwell – Educational Consultant 
  • Simon Kerr-Edwards – Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor
  • Mike Bryant – Clinical Supervisor
  • Liz Kennedy - Psychoanalyst
  • Beverley Clarke - Psychologist
  • Panayiota Christodoulidou – Associate Teaching Fellow
  • Afaf Manzoor – Assistant Professor of Special Education

Student volunteers

  • Michelle Sargeant
  • Kirtana Krishnakumar
  • Andrea Vilasmil


Our fellows make up a distinguished group of experts in the field of special educational needs and disability. They contribute to the centre with time and expertise on a pro bono basis.


  • Dr Rona Tutt OBE
  • Lorraine Peterson OBE
  • Professor Brahm Norwich
  • Nicholas Peacey
  • Dr Adam Boddison


Our mission is to uphold inclusion for children and young people, in all spheres of life. 


Our core values are at the heart of our work: 

  1. rigorous, reproducible, and respectful research 
  2. commitment to social justice 
  3. fostering impactful partnerships.


We work closely with our community of stakeholders to produce excellent research that leads to a positive impact on society. We also deliver evidence-based consultancy and continuous professional development nationally and internationally.  

Our stakeholders include, for example: 

  • disability and neurodiversity advocates 
  • people with disabilities, special educational needs, neurodivergence and/or environmental risk 
  • parents and caregivers 
  • practitioners in education, health and social care 
  • local authorities, policymakers, charities, international organisations, and governments around the world. 

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