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Achieving better outcomes for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

Supporting schools, changing lives

We have over 25 years’ experience in providing training and strategic support to schools to help them care for their pupils. We work with headteachers, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) and teaching assistants (TAs) to improve their practice in a variety of settings.

Our work is diverse. We support individual reflective practice and conduct whole school development work. We work locally, nationally and internationally. We conduct our own ethically-approved research in schools to improve approaches for:

About us


We have a wealth of expertise in inclusion in all its forms and have access to contemporary research around all types of special educational needs and/or disabilities.

CIE has designed a cutting-edge structure for schools to access and contribute to research and we also run accredited courses. We can also:

  • evaluate and consult on schools’ SEND provision
  • support research
  • conduct bespoke training and CPD.

We are committed to supporting inclusion through our SEN accredited programmes, online modules on high-quality teaching, and our direct work in partnership with schools, colleges and other providers.

Our main aims include:

  • addressing challenges in the education of children and young people with SEND and other potentially vulnerable groups through our knowledge exchange programmes, research networks and partnerships
  • extending our impact globally through a network of international activities, collaborations and partnerships
  • integrating research and education as underpinning the student experience.

We achieve this by:

  • undertaking research in inclusive education that has immediate application for the classroom and beyond
  • offering a range of core programmes, tailored to meet the needs of schools, colleges and local authorities to support professionals in the implementation of evidence-informed practice in their settings
  • providing postgraduate study in SEND and inclusion.
Our people

Academic staff

Administrative staff


Our fellows make up a distinguished group of experts in the field of special educational needs and disability. They contribute to the centre with time and expertise on a pro bono basis:

Distinguished Fellow:

  • Professor Klaus Weddell CBE


  • Dr Rona Tutt OBE
  • Lorraine Peterson OBE
  • Professor Brahm Norwich 
  • Nicholas Peacey

Courses and CPD

Our programmes are designed to react and respond to the needs of educational professionals at every stage of their career - whether that's a formal qualification to become a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), a specialist in the field of dyslexia, or to help stay apace with the latest developments in educational research.

Postgraduate programmes

What people say

“Thank you for your excellent teaching which has given me the confidence to progress my career, empowered me to rise to this new challenge and to fight for those children with learning difficulties. The course has made this job possible, manageable and I believe it will be deeply satisfying.” - Rachel Morrison, SpLD student.
Whole school professional development

We have developed a Knowledge Exchange (KE) programme in which researchers, practitioners and policy makers can work together in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

This way of working has a direct and lasting impact on the lives of children and young people. Our innovative KE models have brought real advances in knowledge and practice for practitioners and researchers.

These programmes can be commissioned as part of a Teaching School, Multi-academy or local authority offer for school-to-school support embedded within the KE ethos. 

More info:

Short courses

Our cost-effective short courses programme ensures that practitioners have access to courses created from the latest evidence-informed research, delivering practical strategies and solutions, and meeting the needs of pupils and professionals.

These courses are designed by teachers for teachers and all attendees receive a certificate of attendance to add to their CPD portfolio.

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Professional Learning Networks (PLN)

These are comprised of three sessions which run over the course of the academic year and are an opportunity for like-minded colleagues to develop and exchange professional expertise.

The content of the sessions is directed by delegates and facilitated by lecturers from the UCL Centre for Inclusive Education.

Book a PLN course

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What people say

Fantastic! So insightful but also with really useful suggestions to help support and make impact. Absolutely jam packed with information." - course delegate
Many thanks for responding to our needs and your hard work and good humour" - short course participant
Bespoke courses: schools and local authorities

Our centre can work with schools, Teaching School Alliances, Multi-Academy Trusts and local authorities in a variety of ways. 

We can offer bespoke CPD days on a wide range of topics, including:

  • High Quality Teaching, including assessment, differentiation and growth mindset.
  • The four categories of need: 1 - Cognition and Learning (eg Dyslexia and Dyscalculia); 2 - Communication and Interaction (eg Autism); 3 - Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (including resilience, behaviour for learning etc); 4 - Physical and Sensory Needs.
  • Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants.
  • Leadership in Special Educational Needs.
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health.
  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

We can advise, design and coordinate research projects within schools and also provide conference speakers on a wide range of topics and current research.

More info: email us inclusive.education@ucl.ac.uk

What people say

Very useful. I now have a long to-do list. - SENCO, Hounslow
Can I take this opportunity to heartily thank you for suggesting Amelia as a facilitator for our group. Her calm, insightful facilitation was truly breathtaking. Her input made such a difference to the group and most importantly she made it feel safe. What an achievement given the vagueness of the brief she was given. - Anne-Marie Buchanan, Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist, Lambeth Educational Psychology Service

Examples of our work

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Additional case studies 

  • Lesson Study for Special Educational Needs
  • LA and Schools' Bespoke Projects

More info:

Programme membership

By taking up membership you can benefit from research being undertaken at the IOE and even be part of this research yourself.

Practitioner Membership

£210 per year

This package is designed for teaching professionals and can also be taken up by individual schools. Benefits include:

  • access to our library of resources which include topics such as “Assessing your school”, “Autism and other complex needs”, “High Quality Teaching and Differentiation”, “CPD activities”, “Identification and Assessment”
  • access to the Audit Resource: a collection of auditing tools for practitioners
  • unlimited access to our programme of PLNs
  • 15% discount on short courses and conferences.   

Full Membership

£2500 per year

This package is designed for local authorities and School Federations. Benefits include:

  • bespoke joint professional practice offer: one-day CPDL with feedback twilight session 
  • access to our library of resources which include topics such as “Assessing your school”, “Autism and other complex needs”, “High Quality Teaching and Differentiation”, “CPD activities”, “Identification and Assessment”
  • access to the Audit Resource: a collection of auditing tools for practitioners
  • unlimited access to our programme of PLNs
  • 15% discount on short courses and conferences.

Our activities


We are involved in a variety of research projects at an international, national, regional and local level. Our research develops new knowledge that is immediately relevant and impactful for practitioners in schools.



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International activities


We are informing the Japanese government’s approach to policy and practice for dyslexia in Japan. We offer training for teachers, teaching assistants and parents at the British School in Tokyo.


Graduate diploma in Special and Inclusive Education for the Ministry of Education.


Delivery of the Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistant programme.


A talk for UNICEF on the deployment of Teaching Assistants.


Masters in Special and Inclusive Education (Cairo).


The CIE hosted a group of visitors from Copenhagen for an introductory day on Leadership and Policymaking in SEN. We were invited again to share knowledge and ideas with two municipalities in Denmark.


Working with UNICEF and the Omani Minister of Education to write a Teacher Training Guide to support the roll-out of an Inclusive Classroom Initiative in Primary Schools. This was translated and piloted with Omani teachers, school principals and government officials.


Ongoing work cross-phase to support teaching of children with special educational needs. This has included implementing Lesson Study cycles, supporting teaching of children with Dyslexia and Autism and advising the Director of Education on supported work placements for Post-16. 

Policy advice

House of Commons

Our interim report to the Shadow Minister for Education, Angela Raynor MP was prepared in time for the Labour Party Conference at the end of September 2016. In November Dr Amelia Roberts met with the new Shadow Minister of Children and Families, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, to discuss next steps. 


Latest news

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Forthcoming events

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