IOE - Faculty of Education and Society



Outstanding primary and secondary research, with a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, on access and full participation in education.

We produce outstanding primary and secondary research, with a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including creative approaches to evaluating interventions and co-produced designs. 

Our research covers a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): 

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy
  • Interventions for children and young people with SEND and neurodivergence in education
  • Literacy and Oracy in education
  • Inclusion and engagement of children from disadvantaged of deprived backgrounds in education
  • SEND in Low and Middle Income Countries and the Global South
  • Diagnosable conditions, including neurodevelopmental disabilities, physical and sensory disabilities and genetic conditions
  • Engagement of children and young people in educational settings. 

Current projects

  • 2024-2026: SENDScope: An International Scoping review of SEND provision, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. Lead researcher: Dr Susana Castro-Kemp (UCL); Co-leads: Prof. Jo Van Herwegen (UCL) and Dr Peter Kemp (King’s College London). This project will provide a complete review of policy and provision for SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) in 9 countries (4 UK nations, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia and Finland), using the IPO (inputs, processes and outputs) approach. We will issue recommendations on what elements of the bioecological system (from micro to macro levels) provide a better fit to the needs and views of practitioners, families and young people within and between countries. 
  • Sept 2023-Aug 2025, Structures for measuring outcomes for care-experienced young people and measuring performativity in services for care-experienced young people, Lewisham Local Authority Virtual School, lead researcher: Dr Amelia Roberts, Collaborators: Dr Joe Mintz & Sam Rothwell. This project uses the Mintz-Roberts Theory of Change model to explore data-based ways of telling the rich narrative of services to support care-experienced young people.  
  • Feb 2022-Dec 2024, PAASS (Promoting Access Arrangements for Students with Special Educational Needs)' funded by the Nuffield Foundation, Lead researcher: Dr Emma Sumner, Co-researchers: Dr Catherine Antalek and Dr Amelia Roberts. This research evaluates the effectiveness of exam access arrangements for students with literacy difficulties and uses data to create a knowledge exchange programme for knowledge transfer, reflective practice and school improvement.  
  • Sept 2023-Aug 2025, Early-Stage Programme Development ‘Supporting Spoken Language in the Classroom’ for Early Years practitioners, Education Endowment Foundation, IOE lead Amelia Roberts with Bristol University and Early Years Southwest Stronger Practice Hub. 
  • Sept 2020-Aug 2025, Provision of Independent Evaluation Service for CLAP for Youth@JC, Hong Kong Jockey Club. Researchers: Dr Lynne Rogers, Dr Amelia Roberts, Dr Natasha Kersh, Stephanie Chan, Dr Adrian Yan.  This project evaluates a whole-system initiative across schools and charities to create a ‘paradigm shift’ for young people’s employment prospects in Hong Kong. 
  • Motivation, well-being, and university subject: A cross-cultural investigation in university students in India and the UK; Lead researcher: Dr Panos Rentzelas; Collaborators: Sujata Sriram, Richa Khanna (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India), Dr Nicola Abbott & Prof. Jo Van Herwegen 
  • September 2024-31 May 2025, educating learners with disabilities in South Africa: Examining special education teachers’ perceived competence in implementing inclusive, high-leverage and culturally responsive practices with learners with disabilities, Researchers: Prof. Zachary Walker, Dr Daisy Loyd and Dr Gergely Bartl, IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society; and Prof. Shakila Dada, Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, University of Pretoria. 
  • Forthcoming: Embedding Enterprise in Education, The Entrepreneurs Network. Lead researcher: Dr Jessica Hayton. Collaborators: Dr Amelia Roberts. In its infancy and awaiting funding, the project is seeking ways to better embed enterprise as part of the national curriculum across all phases. We are welcoming ideas and networks to facilitate this task, so encouraging people to get in touch if they are interested.