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Centre for Sociology of Education and Equity

Cutting-edge sociological research on equity and social justice in education.

Co-Directors: Professor Louise Archer and Professor Jessica Ringrose

The Centre for Sociology of Education and Equity (CSEE) brings together researchers, from UCL and beyond, who conduct research in sociology of education on issues of equity and social justice.

The centre aims to build capacity, create a vibrant and supportive research culture and promote high quality sociology of education research for the public good.

Our staff

Core Members

Affiliated Members

PhD students

  • Felipe Acuna
  • Jessie Bustillos Morales
  • Yuval Dvir
  • Heela Goren
  • Gemma Gronland
  • Ayse Gur Geden
  • Audrey Jean
  • Sara Joiko
  • Nadav Lavi
  • Karen Lillie
  • Ziyin Niu
  • Francesca Peruzzo
  • Sandra Takei
  • Xumeng Xie

Our research spans a broad range of:

  • Educational stages and sectors (including early years, primary and secondary schools, further and higher education, and informal settings)
  • Themes across educational policy and practice
  • Theoretical Frameworks
  • Methodologies

Major research projects include:

  • Youth Equity + STEM
  • Science Capital Research
  • ASPIRES 2: Longitudinal research project studying young people's science and career aspirations
  • Best Practice in Grouping Students

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Graduate taught

Graduate research

We welcome interest from students who are thinking about applying for a research degree in the area of sociology of education and equity.

We currently have members who are looking for students for 2018/19 entry in the following priority areas:

  • Youth, gender and digital cultures.
  • Design, participatory and arts based research methodologies in gender and education.
  • Teacher subjectivities.
  • Social justice and participation in science education (including science capital).

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Seminar series

The UCL Centre for Sociology of Education and Equity (CSEE) hosts the Feminism, Gender and Sexuality seminar series.

    The seminars are free to attend and are open to staff, students, alumni and the public. All are welcomed to attend.

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