IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


COVID-19 related education studies

Researchers in our centre apply their expertise in sociology to study the issues and challenges brought by COVID-19.

Our aim is to understand experiences of young people, parents, educators, communities and policymakers during this global health crisis, so we can help make informed choices and decisions for recovery from COVID-19 to build a more resilient community and education system.



  • Jessica Ringrose (NGO partnerships in areas of gender, sexuality, feminism and equality in education)
  • Carol Vincent (parents’ relationships with education and schools; educational and societal approaches to diversity and difference)
  • Caroline Oliver (how migrants' identities and experiences interact with state policies and institutions, and the consequences for social justice)
  • Rachel Wilde (post 16 transitions to work, and how young people understand citizenship)
  • Ada Mau (issues and discourses of identities, ‘race’, gender and social class and social justice in education).