IOE - Faculty of Education and Society


Theoretical frameworks

Our centre encompasses diverse theoretical approaches with various scholars.

Some of our members focus on: Bourdieu (inequalities in education), Foucault (education policy and neo-liberalism), feminist theory (post-structuralism, affect, post-human and new materialism), or critical race theory.


  • Louise Archer (Bourdieu and the reproduction of inequalities in education through setting and science education)
  • Carol Vincent (Bourdieu and the reproduction of inequalities in education, particularly in reference to families and their relationships to the education system).


  • Stephen Ball (Foucault and education policy; genealogy of pedagogy)
  • Patrick Bailey (the global privatisation of education and the emergence of new forms of (neo-liberal) governance; reforms to teacher education; historical discourses of the ‘good’ teacher; and teacher subjectivities in post-Fordist societies).

Feminist theory

  • Jessica Ringrose (poststructuralism, affect, posthuman and new materialism theories, Deleuze and Guattari, Butler, Barad, Braidotti, Haraway).
  • Becky Francis (Chief Executive Officer of the Education Endowment Foundation).

Critical Race Theory