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Find a collection of recent episodes of Global Governance Futures and stay tuned for upcoming audio and video content.

Scott Williams – Living In Right Relationship In Times of Systemic Risk

Trees from below
Scott Williams joins us for a deep dive into what it means to live in right relationship in times of systemic and accelerating risk.

Nafeez Ahmed - Taking a Step Back to Move Forward in Times of Transition

Systems journalist Nafeez Ahmed joins us to discuss why it is so important to draw on systems thinking to understand global politics.

Farhana Yamin - A Journey to Green Radicalism

Extinction Rebellion
Environmental lawyer Farhana Yamin speaks about the green activist imperative as we enter a crucial decade for climate action.

Mark Maslin – Un-Denialism and the Politics of Enabling Climate Action

Husky sleighs in Greenland
Professor Mark Maslin (UCL) joins us to discuss climate action in 2020 and what a decisive political response to the climate emergency might look like. 

Jordan Hall – Global Politics and Civilizational Redesign

Spiral Staircase
Jordan Hall explores the inadequacies of having had, since the dawn of civilisation, one fundamental toolkit to respond to problems larger than human scale. 

Mary Lawlor – Human Rights on the Front Line

Human Rights Statue
UN Special Rapporteur Mary Lawlor speaks about the challenge of protecting human rights and those defending them.