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Find a collection of recent episodes of Global Governance Futures and stay tuned for upcoming audio and video content.

40: Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im – Decolonising Human Rights

African plains
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im joins us to talk about decolonising human rights as a project of moving from a state-centric to people-centred paradigm.

39: Cynthia Enloe – ‘Later’ Is a Patriarchal Time Zone

Cynthia Enloe ep image 800x500
Cynthia Enloe joins us to talk about the gendered experience of war, hierarchies of femininities and masculinities, and the importance of feminist solidarity.

38: Bonnitta Roy – We Need to Watch Each Other Grow

Bonnitta Roy ep image
Bonnitta Roy joins us to talk about crisis, creativity, and complexity, in the spirit of conscious (re)invention amidst global challenge.

37: Michael Barnett – Global Governance in an Age of Precarity

Barnett episode image
Michael Barnett joins us to talk about humanitarian intervention, the liberal biases of the post-Cold War and whether global governance has reached its sell-by-date.

36: Geoff Mann – It Was Not Supposed To End This Way

Geoff Mann episode image
Geoff Mann joins us to talk about the about the scale and depth of the civilizational challenge posed by the Anthropocene.

35: David Kennedy – Law as a Global Terrain of Struggle 

Kennedy episode image
David Kennedy joins us to discuss a political economy approach to global governance and what international law has got to do with it.


34: Rhoda Howard-Hassmann – In Defense of Universal Human Rights

Frans Francken mankinds dilemma
Rhoda Howard-Hassmann joins us to talk about the universality of human rights, women’s rights, citizenship apartheid, cultural relativism, and much, much more.

33: Thomas Oatley – Complexity Theory and Political Economy 2.0

Thomas Oatley image
Thomas Oatley joins us to discuss the value of thinking in terms of complex systems.

32: Sheldon Solomon – Fear, Death and Politics

An assortment of human skulls
Sheldon Solomon joins us to discuss why death denial is so pervasive and the Hobbesian imperative in global politics.

31: Adrienne Buller – Illusions of Green Capitalism

The Value of a Whale
Adrienne Buller joins us to discuss the flaws in corporate ‘green growth’ mindsets and the commodification of nature.

30: Nate Hagens – Energy Blindness and Our Collective Future

Power lines in front of sunset (Andrey Metelev / Unsplash)
Nate Hagens joins us to discuss peak oil, trade-offs between being accurate and being helpful, conspicuous consumption, building a reality-based future and much, much more.

29: Jonathon Keats – You Belong to the Universe

Dome Structure (Kiarash Mansouri / Unsplash)
Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats joins us to talk thought experiments, Buckminster Fuller, Spaceship Earth, and much, much more.

28: Jennifer Sterling-Folker – Dragons Coming Home to Roost

Chessboard (Felix Mittermeier / Unsplash)
Jennifer Sterling-Folker joins us to talk about nationalism and world order, the pitfalls of political fatalism, imagined dragons and genuine fire-breathers, and much, much more.

27: Amitav Acharya – In Search of World Order

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (Victor / Unsplash)
Professor Amitav Acharya joins us to talk about the origins of world order, liberal internationalism and his notion of pluralistic universalism within an emerging multiplex world.

26: Ben Neimark - Militarism and Environmental Destruction

Soldiers (Filip Andrejevic / Unsplash)
Dr Ben Neimark joins us to discuss national security doctrine and the climate crisis, carbon lock-in of new weapons systems, and the ethical quandaries posed by environmentally-friendly weaponry.

25: What Is Home? - A Dialogue with Bayo and Claudio

City Lights from Space (NASA Commons)
Settle in for a dialogue on the perennial question of what is 'home', what has it meant through time and what might it mean today? Utopian visions meet messy and complex realities.

24: Vandana Shiva – Earth Democracy in Defence of the Life World

Morning Landscape, Tamil Nadu, India (Remi Clinton / Unsplash)
Vandana Shiva joins us to discuss non-violence as positive action, hyper-globalization, WIPO patent 060606, what it means to be human, and much more.

23: Alfred McCoy - Who Governs the Globe?

Oregon Capitol Building (Dan Meyers / Unsplash)
Professor Alfred McCoy joins us to discuss world order and empire, the duality of raw power and principle, as well as the fading of US empire and the rise of China in a context of climate breakdown.

22: Dave Snowden – Complexity, Sensemaking and Entanglement

Tree roots
Dave Snowden, founder and chief executive officer of Cognitive Edge, joins us to discuss complexity science, Neo-Darwinism, democracy and much more.

21: Virginia Haufler – Private Authority in an Age of Globalization

Associate Professor Virginia Haufler joins us to discuss private power, the extractive industry and the place of ethics within the global capitalist economy.

20: Bill McGuire – Telling the Truth About the Climate Emergency

Volcano Explosion (Yosh Ginsu / StockSnap)
Professor Bill McGuire joins us to discuss the latest climate science, geoengineering and why he embraces the label ‘alarmist’.

19: Jim Rutt – Prototyping a Global Social Operating System

Water (Dan Gold / Unsplash)
Jim Rutt joins us for a wide-ranging conversation on the contours of the civilisational crisis we find ourselves in and possible pathways towards a more viable future.

18: Jacqueline McGlade – Empathy, Science and Circles of Compassion

Maasai Mara (Pawan Sharma/Unsplash)
In this episode, we are joined by Jacqueline McGlade, Professor of Resilience and Sustainable Development at UCL. 

17: Bayo Akomolafe – Bending Questions Into Rites of Passage

Foggy woods
Bayo Akomolafe joins the podcast for a thought-provoking, 'question-bending' conversation on how we deal with crisis and confusion. 

16: Vinay Gupta: A Radical Manifesto for Fixing the World

Abstract globe
Vinay Gupta joins us to discuss pathways towards a radical restructuring of society.

15: Robyn Eckersley – Green Political Theory, The State and the Climate Emergency

Forest fire in Australia
Robyn Eckersley joins us to discuss green political theory and the future of the state and democracy in a context of climate emergency. 

14: Zak Stein – Why All Global Crises Are Crises of Education

Zak Stein drops in to help us make sense of the global educational crisis and possible responses at scale.

13: Sophie Harman – Global Health and Power in a Visual World

Mother and child in Sierra Leone
Sophie Harman joins us to discuss global health, making films and seeing politics through the eyes of others.

12: Daniel Schmachtenberger – Existential Risk and Phase Shifting to a New World System

Lights in front of dark background
Daniel Schmachtenberger joins us to discuss existential risk, exponential curves and why a phase shift to a new world system is inevitable.

11: Patrick (William) Ophuls – Politics in the Age of Ecology

Industrial Pollution
Patrick Ophuls explains why we must embrace a politics of ecology which respects planetary limits.

10: Richard Falk – Reflections of a Public Intellectual and Citizen Pilgrim

Dove of Peace
Richard Falk joins us to reflect on a career spanning 70 years as a “citizen pilgrim” combining academic work and political activism.

9: Jonathan Rowson – Dear Human Rights Movement

World on fire
Jonathan Rowson joins us for our first Podclass to discuss his recent essay on the future of human rights in the 21st Century.

8: Susan K. Sell – Winners and Losers in the Global Political Economy

Professor Susan K. Sell reflects on a scholarly career at the forefront of shining a light on the use and misuse of global private power.

7: Forrest Landry – Principles To Live By 

Social Media
Why is asking the right questions so important? What is a good basis of choice? We discuss this and much more with the multi-talented Forrest Landry.

6: Scott Williams – Living In Right Relationship In Times of Systemic Risk

Trees from below
Scott Williams joins us for a deep dive into what it means to live in right relationship in times of systemic and accelerating risk.

5: Nafeez Ahmed - Taking a Step Back to Move Forward in Times of Transition

Systems journalist Nafeez Ahmed joins us to discuss why it is so important to draw on systems thinking to understand global politics.

4: Farhana Yamin - A Journey to Green Radicalism

Extinction Rebellion Poster (Markus Spiske / Unsplash)
Environmental lawyer Farhana Yamin speaks about the green activist imperative as we enter a crucial decade for climate action.

3: Jordan Hall – Global Politics and Civilizational Redesign

Spiral Staircase
Jordan Hall explores the inadequacies of having had, since the dawn of civilisation, one fundamental toolkit to respond to problems larger than human scale.

2: Mark Maslin – Un-Denialism and the Politics of Enabling Climate Action

Ice Sheets (Willian Justen de Vasconcellos / Unsplash)
Professor Mark Maslin (UCL) joins us to discuss climate action in 2020 and what a decisive political response to the climate emergency might look like. 

1: Mary Lawlor – Human Rights on the Front Line

Human Rights Statue
UN Special Rapporteur Mary Lawlor speaks about the challenge of protecting human rights and those defending them.