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A Podcast about Global Governance Challenges, Opportunity and Renewal

Do our global governance systems have the capacity to effectively address the challenges we face as a civilization? What are the viable pathways towards a fairer, more sustainable and viable future? This podcast aims to present a space where these questions, and many more, can be addressed in a spirit of dialogue and exploration.
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Imperfect Utopias or Bust? Global Governance Futures

This podcast provides a space for dialogue and reflection, with a view to fostering well-informed principles and pragmatic visions for a better tomorrow.

Dome Structure (Kiarash Mansouri / Unsplash)

29: Jonathon Keats – You Belong to the Universe

Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats joins us to talk thought experiments, Buckminster Fuller, Spaceship Earth, and much, much more.

Chessboard (Felix Mittermeier / Unsplash)

28: Jennifer Sterling-Folker – Dragons Coming Home to Roost

Jennifer Sterling-Folker joins us to talk about nationalism and world order, the pitfalls of political fatalism, imagined dragons and genuine fire-breathers, and much, much more.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore (Victor / Unsplash)

27: Amitav Acharya – In Search of World Order

Professor Amitav Acharya joins us to talk about the origins of world order, liberal internationalism and his notion of pluralistic universalism within an emerging multiplex world.


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Global Governance Futures is co-hosted and produced by Dr Tom Pegram and a team of students and alumni from UCL's MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme.