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A Podcast about Global Governance Challenges, Opportunity and Renewal

Do our global governance systems have the capacity to effectively address the challenges we face as a civilization? What are the viable pathways towards a fairer, more sustainable and viable future? This podcast aims to present a space where these questions, and many more, can be addressed in a spirit of dialogue and exploration.
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Imperfect Utopia or Bust? Global Governance Futures

This podcast provides a space for dialogue and reflection, with a view to fostering well-informed principles and pragmatic visions for a better tomorrow.


14: Zak Stein – Why All Global Crises Are Crises of Education

Zak Stein drops in to help us make sense of the global educational crisis and possible responses at scale.

Mother and child in Sierra Leone

13: Sophie Harman – Global Health and Power in a Visual World

Sophie Harman joins us to discuss global health, making films and seeing politics through the eyes of others.

Lights in front of dark background

12: Daniel Schmachtenberger – Existential Risk and Phase Shifting to a New World System

Daniel Schmachtenberger joins us to discuss existential risk, exponential curves and why a phase shift to a new world system is inevitable.


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Meet the Team

Global Governance Futures is hosted and produced by GGI Deputy Director Tom Pegram and a team of students from UCL's MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme.