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A Podcast about Global Governance Challenges, Opportunity and Renewal

Do our global governance systems have the capacity to effectively address the challenges we face as a civilization? What are the viable pathways towards a fairer, more sustainable and viable future? This podcast aims to present a space where these questions, and many more, can be addressed in a spirit of dialogue and exploration.
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Imperfect Utopias or Bust? Global Governance Futures

This podcast provides a space for dialogue and reflection, with a view to fostering well-informed principles and pragmatic visions for a better tomorrow.

Soldiers (Filip Andrejevic / Unsplash)

26: Ben Neimark - Militarism and Environmental Destruction

Dr Ben Neimark joins us to discuss national security doctrine and the climate crisis, carbon lock-in of new weapons systems, and the ethical quandaries posed by environmentally-friendly weaponry.

City Lights from Space (NASA Commons)

25: What Is Home? - A Dialogue with Bayo and Claudio

Settle in for a dialogue on the perennial question of what is 'home', what has it meant through time and what might it mean today? Utopian visions meet messy and complex realities.

Morning Landscape, Tamil Nadu, India (Remi Clinton / Unsplash)

24: Vandana Shiva – Earth Democracy in Defence of the Life World

Vandana Shiva joins us to discuss non-violence as positive action, hyper-globalization, WIPO patent 060606, what it means to be human, and much more.


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Meet the Team

Global Governance Futures is co-hosted and produced by Dr Tom Pegram and a team of students and alumni from UCL's MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme.