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Meet the Team

Global Governance Futures is hosted and produced by Dr Tom Pegram (UCL Global Governance Institute) and a team of students from UCL's MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme.

Tom Pegram, Podcast host

GGI Deputy Director Tom Pegram
Dr Tom Pegram is an Associate Professor in Global Governance at UCL and Deputy Director of the UCL Global Governance Institute. He is doing his best to reconcile his political realism/idealism in understanding how the world actually works, what has gone wrong, and what global governance has got to do with it.

Sam Colman, Audio editing

Sam Colman, Global Governance Future Podcast Team
Sam Colman is doing his MSc in Global Governance and Ethics at UCL, coming from a background in languages. A cautious optimist, Sam recognises that the challenges facing our world cannot be solved in isolation. It is this complex web that he hopes this podcast will work through, synthesising diverse perspectives and tool kits.

Jessica Knezy, Video editing 

Jessica Knezy, Global Governance Future Podcast Team
Jessica Knezy is studying a Masters in Global Governance and Ethics at UCL, with a background in Development Studies. Identifying as a rationalist, she understands our future to be uncertain and rather foreboding. Nevertheless, Jessica views global governance as the way forward. She hopes this podcast will shed light on the many paths we as a global community can take to navigate this next phase. 


Zoë Varenne, Camera and filming

Zoe Varenne, Global Governance Future Podcast Team
Zoë Varenne is currently a Masters student in Global Governance and Ethics at UCL, having previously been a student in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Warwick. She seeks to overcome her cynicism about the current state of the world by finding realistically optimistic solutions in the realm of Global Governance. She is particularly interested in the intersections of cultures having grown up bicultural.