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'Global Governance Futures' is co-hosted and produced by Dr Tom Pegram (UCL Global Governance Institute) and a team of students and alumni from UCL's MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme.

Sam Colman (co-host and researcher)

Sam Colman, Global Governance Future Podcast Team
Sam is currently a traineee solicitor, having graduated from the MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme at UCL in 2020. A cautious optimist, Sam recognises that the challenges facing our world cannot be solved in isolation. With a keen interest in what it might mean to 'think globally', he hopes the podcast can highlight ideas from diverse thought eco-systems and apply these as lens for solving global issues.
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Tom Hartley (co-host and researcher)

Tom Hartley - Podcast Team
Tom is currently Environmental Affairs Intern at the UN Economic Commission for Europe.  He is an alumni of the MSc Global Governance and Ethics programme (2020-2021) and also holds a degree in Politics and Philosophy. He is interested in the structural and epistemic inequalities that define many of today's global problems. He maintains a strong sense of hope that through humble and honest discussion, these problems can be addressed.


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Jessica Knezy (co-host and researcher)

Jessica Knezy, Global Governance Future Podcast Team
Jess is an alumna of the MSc in Global Governance and Ethics programme (2019-2020). In the years since this podcast’s inception, she has veered steeply from rationalism into an understanding that knowledge derived from human reason is fundamentally incomplete, and to develop sustainable global governance practices we must take our cue from the natural world within which we live. Jess hopes to continue building this platform into a place where our guests can share innovative and exceptional thoughts on our present governance challenges, and future paths to a more harmonious relationship with one another and our Earth.
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Hannah Kroker (co-host and researcher)

Hannah Kroker
Hannah is a current student on the MSc Global Governance and Ethics Programme, having recently graduated from the University of Exeter. She is particularly concerned about global systematic inequality and the implications of modern technology on this divide. She hopes that through better international collaboration and coordination, we are able to create a more equitable and sustainable future.
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Julia Marszalkowska (co-host and researcher)

Julia M
Julia is currently pursuing a degree in MSc Global Governance and Ethics after having graduated from King’s College London with a BA in International Relations. She is particularly interested in the intersection of various forms of inequality and injustice, as well as their manifestation on a global scale. With a passion for inclusive knowledge production, she hopes to use the podcast as a platform for stimulating and engaging debates that will make global governance accessible to everyone interested
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Oliver Parker (co-host and researcher)

Oliver Parker
Olly is a current Global Governance and Ethics MSc student at UCL. Fascinated by the intersection between culture and politics, Olly believes lasting cooperation requires balancing difference and commonality. He thinks the world could do with a lot more agreeable disagreement. Olly hopes the podcast stimulates thought about how governance structures can be reimagined to make better sense of increasing complexity.
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Tom Pegram (co-host and researcher)

Tom Pegram
Tom is an Associate Professor in Global Governance at the Department of Political Science, UCL and Director of the UCL Global Governance Institute. He is doing his best to reconcile his political realism/idealism in understanding how the world actually works, what has gone wrong, and what global governance has got to do with it.


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Zoë Varenne (co-host and researcher)

Zoe Varenne, Global Governance Future Podcast Team
Zoë has an MSc in Global Governance and Ethics and a BA in Philosophy and Literature. She currently works in public affairs. Zoë seeks to explore realistic but optimistic solutions in the realm of global governance through curious, open and frank conversations. She is particularly interested in the intersection of cultures.


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