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The Global Governance Institute (GGI) is a university-wide initiative, promoting cross-disciplinary research and informed public debate on possible solutions to global societal challenges.
African Penguin on a rock in Cape Town, South Africa (Joel Herzog / Unsplash)

A Global Pact for Nature: Driving Transformative Change?

A new multilateral agreement aims to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030.

Student Scenario Exercise Group Pic

Back From the Future: How to Reverse from Degrowth Utopia

How can we break out of familiar thinking patterns and imagine radically different futures?

Fractured Globe Sculpture

Global Discord: Values and Power in a Fractured World Order

On 19 January, economist and former central banker Paul Tucker presents his new book "Global Discord."

Protest Sign: No Business on a Dead Planet (Markus Spiske/Unsplash)

A Global Economy that Works for People and the Planet

Exploring different perspectives on the role of economic growth in supporting sustainable societies.

The Value of a Whale

31: Adrienne Buller – Illusions of Green Capitalism

Adrienne Buller joins us to discuss the flaws in corporate ‘green growth’ mindsets and the commodification of nature.

Mangroves from above

Biodiversity, Climate Change and Health: Towards a Shared Agenda

Exploring the prospects for more integrated governance across the nature-related SDGs.