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The Global Governance Institute (GGI) is a university-wide initiative, promoting cross-disciplinary research and informed public debate on possible solutions to global societal challenges.

The Governance of Global Catastrophic Risks

This paper explores the implications of complexity thinking for tackling global catastrophic risks.

Professor Amitav Acharya

Understanding the Emerging Multiplex World Order

How is the global order changing and how can we best study it? An interview with Professor Amitav Acharya.


Antimicrobial Resistance: The Role of Regulation

Find out why we need regulation to address one of the most serious and complex global challenges of our times.

Building the world

Innovating Global Public Policy: Research and Practice

What is global public policy? This GGI Policy Brief addresses priorities for future research and practice.

Cargo Port

Global Economic Governance and China-EU Relations

This new research policy brief reflects on the role of China and the EU in a rapidly changing global economic order.

Global Governance Word Cloud

Towards a Third Generation of Global Governance Scholarship

Leading scholars discuss current challenges and promising future lines of inquiry in global governance.