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The Global Governance Institute (GGI) is a university-wide initiative, promoting cross-disciplinary research and informed public debate on possible solutions to global societal challenges.
Adoption of the Paris Agreement COP-21 [US State Department photo/ Public Domain]

A Short History of International Climate Change Negotiations

Mark Maslin reflects on the history of negotiations and why there is now hope for substantial change.

Solar Panels

Reforming the Global Voluntary Market for Carbon Offsets

International governance of the carbon offset market will be essential to achieve climate change targets.

Air conditioning units in Hong Kong

Finding Solutions for Climate-Friendly Cooling

How Energy Savings Insurance could encourage more investment for energy efficient cooling projects.

Covid-19 Road Closures

How Can We Avoid a 'Dirty' Recovery from COVID-19?

The pandemic has highlighted the need for a socially inclusive and just transition to a post-carbon economy.

World is Closed

COVID-19 and the Future of Global Health Governance

COVID-19 is not just a failure of global health governance but a failure to recognise health as an inherently global problem.

COVID-19 Screenshot

COVID-19: New Directions for Global Governance?

Will the pandemic inspire novel thinking in terms of how we respond to future global risks and challenges?