Global Governance Institute


Imperfect Utopias or Bust? Global Governance Futures

This podcast provides a space for dialogue and reflection, with a view to fostering well-informed principles and pragmatic visions for a better tomorrow.

Is global governance in crisis or even failing? Astrophysicist Martin Rees suggests that we’re unlikely to see 2100 if we don’t start taking collective action now to meet the formidable challenge facing humanity. The response timescale for contending with catastrophic risks presented by an increasingly fragile and unstable biosphere, intensified by a hyper-concentration of wealth and power among a few individuals, and exponentially growing technology – is rapidly diminishing.

This podcast is a space for dialogue, reflection and open enquiry. We want to foster well-informed principled and pragmatic visions of how we can make tomorrow better. It’s not about a dash for ‘moonshot’ solutions. It’s about encouraging adventurous thinking, imagined alternatives and exploring possibilities that lie beyond the constraints of existing world views, dogmas and status quo paradigms. We want to replace poorly-informed utopian or dystopian views with efforts to inform action that leads to achieving a fundamentally fairer, more sustainable and viable global governance system for the future, creating pathways towards 'imperfect utopias’.

Global Governance Futures is supported through the SHS Dean's Strategic Funds 2020-21