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3: Jordan Hall – Global Politics and Civilizational Redesign

Jordan Hall explores the inadequacies of having had, since the dawn of civilisation, one fundamental toolkit to respond to problems larger than human scale.

Jordan Hall
Today we are in conversation with Jordan Hall. Jordan lays bare the multiplicity of issues that emerge from relying on complicated systems to manage complex situations. The conversation elucidates the fatal flaws with the complicated systems currently in place and touches on what solutions could look like, whilst contending with the difficulty in achieving these. Jordan is the executive chair and co-founder of Neurohacker Collective, a company that makes ground-breaking products for health and well-being through complex systems science. He is in his seventeenth year building disruptive technologies. His previous positions include crafting strategy and product for MP3.com, then at InterVU (acquired by Akamai) and then finally in 2000 launching and leading the online digital video revolution as founder and CEO of DivX. You can find more on Jordan’s current projects and writings on the Neurohacker Collective website and his Medium page