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25: What Is Home? - A Dialogue with Bayo and Claudio

Settle in for a dialogue on the perennial question of what is 'home', what has it meant through time and what might it mean today? Utopian visions meet messy and complex realities.

Tune in for a new format this week!

After our episode with essayist, speaker and activist, Bayo Akomolafe, we were inspired to see a half hour video response from Claudio on his channel, Consciousness Now. For a while we have wanted to set up a discussion within our growing community, connecting audience and guests and vice-versa.

Settle in for a dialogue spanning the eternal question of what 'home' is, has been and should be - utopian visions meeting messy and complex realities.

This is a new concept for us and we hope to have more discussions within the growing community going forward.

For more information check out Bayo's website or follow @BayoAkomolafe on Twitter. Claudio's channel "Consciousness Now" can be found on YouTube