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7: Forrest Landry – Principles To Live By

Why is asking the right questions so important? What is a good basis of choice? We discuss this and much more with the multi-talented Forrest Landry.

The multi-talented Forrest Landry joins us for this podcast episode. A philosopher, writer, researcher, scientist, systems engineer, master woods craftsman and teacher, Forrest combines decades of inquiry into metaphysics and especially the relationship between causation and choice, with deep appreciation of how design and complete system solutions can be used in service to individuals, nature and to the future of humanity.

This is definitely a full stack episode! We explore: why asking the right questions is so important, what is a good basis of choice, the critical difference between judgement and discernment, reflexive problem-solving across cultures, the risks posed by geoengineering, and much, much more.

Forrest Landry
Many of Forrests’ writings are available on his business website Magic Flight.Com. Forrest and collaborators have launched Ephemeral Group Processing, using technology to facilitate and scale face-to-face conversations. Forrest tweets @ForrestLandry19