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2: Mark Maslin – Un-Denialism and the Politics of Enabling Climate Action

Professor Mark Maslin (UCL) joins us to discuss climate action in 2020 and what a decisive political response to the climate emergency might look like.

Crucial climate negotiations loom in 2021. Despite the incredible disruption caused by COVID-19, the work of the climate policymakers, researchers and activists is not, in any way, on hold. It is important to flag that this interview with one of UCL's leading climatologists was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020. Nevertheless, this lively conversation ranging from climate change to green capitalism remains as pertinent today as ever. 

Professor Mark Maslin
Mark Maslin FRGS, FRSA is a Professor of Climatology at University College London. His areas of scientific expertise include causes of past and future global climate change and its effects on the global carbon cycle, biodiversity, rainforests and human evolution. He also works on monitoring land carbon sinks using remote sensing and ecological models and international and national climate change policies. In addition to advisory positions with the Global Cool Foundation, the Sopria-Steria Group and the Cheltenham Science Festival Advisory Committee, Mark has written 8 books, and over 30 articles. His popular book “Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction” by Oxford University Press is now in its third edition and has sold over 40,000 copies. Mark was also a co-author of the seminal Lancet report "Managing the health effects of climate change" and the Lancet review paper on the health links between "Population, Development and Climate Change".

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This episode was produced by the Global Governance Futures team with support from Sofiya Shazal and Juan Jose Vilches-Narro (both MSc Global Governance and Ethics).