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17: Bayo Akomolafe – Bending Questions Into Rites of Passage

Bayo Akomolafe joins the podcast for a thought-provoking, 'question-bending' conversation on how we deal with crisis and confusion.

Bayo Akomolafe
Bayo Akomolafe is a prolific essayist, speaker and activist, a professor of psychology, a master wordsmith and executive director of the Emergence Network.  An acute observer of our troubled times, Bayo has a gift for capturing the awkward confusion of our present circumstances in phrases like “the times are urgent, let us slow down.” In this conversation, Bayo invites us to sit with our awkward confusion as we explore vulnerability as strength, the acceleration of history, race and reparations, the “mind forged manacles” of our times, as well as agency in times in crisis, and much, much more.  This was a real mind-bending or, more accurately, question-bending conversation, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

For more information check out Bayo Akomolafe's website or follow @BayoAkomolafe on Twitter.

Some of the essays that we discussed in this conversation include:

You can also find out more about the Emergence Network and Bayo's course in postactivism ‘We Will Dance With Mountains.’