UCL Department of Economics


Course List

Below you will find a list of all the modules that the Department of Economics provides.  For details regarding the degree programme structure of the BSc (Econ) Economics degree programme, please see the Undergraduate Handbook.


Full Year modules

Term 1 only

 Term 2 only



1st year modules

Economics - ECON0002

Mathematics for Economics - ECON0010

ECON1000 - Skills Lab


Statistical Methods in Economics - ECON0005

Introduction to Mathematics for Economics - ECON0006

History of Economic Thought - ECON0008

Applied Economics - ECON0004

The World Economy - ECON0007

Introduction to Economic Thinking - ECON0009

2nd year modules

Microeconomics - ECON0013

Macroeconomic Theory and Policy - ECON0016

Quantitative Economics and Econometrics - ECON0019


Intermediate Microeconomics: Microeconomics of the Firm (Suitable for Affiliate or BASc students) - ECON0015

Closed Economy Macroeconomics (Suitable for Affiliate or BASc students) - ECON0017

Quantitative Economics and Econometrics I (Suitable for Affiliate students only - ECON0020

Microeconomics of the Household (Suitable for Affiliate or BASc students) - ECON0014

Open Economy Macroeconomics (Suitable for BASc students only) - ECON0018


2nd/3rd year modules

ECON2000 - Economics skills lab (not for credit)

Economics of Labour - ECON0047

Economics of Finance - ECON0048

Economics of Regulation - ECON0051

Economics of Tax Policy - ECON0053

Economics of Development - ECON0054

Economics of Science - ECON0055

Economics of Industrial Relations - ECON0049

Economics of Public Sector - ECON0050

Environmental Economics - ECON0052

Economics of Education - ECON0056


3rd year modules

ECON3000 - Skills lab

Economic Policy Analysis - ECON0024

Economics UG Thesis - ECON0042

Microeconometrics - ECON0021

International Trade - ECON0023

Economics of Competition Policy - ECON0025

Game Theory - ECON0027

Economics of Information - ECON0029

Urban Economics - ECON0032

Ethics in Applied Economics - ECON0033

Behavioural Economics - ECON0102

Econometrics for Macroeconomics and Finance - ECON0022

Topics in Industrial Economics - ECON0026

Economics of Growth - ECON0028

Issues in Economic Development - ECON0030

Experimental Economics - ECON0031

Economics of Financial Markets - ECON0001

Economics of Money and Banking - ECON0038

Advanced Macroeconomics - ECON0039

Economics of Migration and Job Search - ECON0041


 Term 1 only

 Term 2 only

Elective course portfolio

Students from across UCL Departments may choose from the following:

History of Economic Thought - ECON0008

An Introduction to Applied Economic Analysis - ECON0044


Basic Microeconomic Concepts - ECON0011
Money and Banking - ECON0045