UCL Department of Economics


An Introduction to Applied Economic Analysis - ECON0044

Term 1

This is a course for non-economists. Students will learn the conceptual-empirical basis of economic reasoning and the quantitative methods essential to address important policy problems and debates of our day such as climate change and inequality. It can be viewed as an introduction to the distinctive way economists think and analyse problems.  In this course, we encourage students to learn economics by doing economics. Students will gain hands-on experience to use real world data to understand economic questions.

By the end of the module, students should:

  • understand the core concepts in modern economics and be able to link them with real-world phenomena. 
  • be able to articulate reasoned views on major policy issues facing our societies. 
  • develop data-handling and analytical skills that are transferable to other courses and later to the workplace.  

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Taught by:Dunli Li  Moodle page: ECON0044  Syllabus:


                Affiliate Assessment:

20 hours of lectures and 4 compulsory tutorial classes with an exercise sheet for each.  Assessment is a 2-hour unseen written examination in Term 3.

Affiliate students leaving in December will take a 2-hour written examination set up by the Department in the last week of Term 1. Affiliate students leaving in June will take the 2-hour written examination in Term 3.

Suitable for:Students from departments other than Economics and the combined-studies degrees in Economics.  It is NOT available to the following students:
Economics BSc (L100), Economics and Geography BSc (LL17), Economics and Statistics BSc (LG13), Philosophy and Economics BA (VL51), Mathematics with Economics BSc (G1L1), Mathematics with Economics MSci (G1LC), Statistics, Economics and Finance BSc (GLN0), and Statistics, Economics and a Language BSc (GLR0).
Prerequisites:No previous knowledge of economics is necessary.
Assumed knowledge:No previous knowledge of economics is assumed. However, students should be able to understand and make use of diagrams.