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Whether you're a current resident with a query or you're stuck on the application process, our FAQs can help with most questions.


If you are a student due to arrive in April or September 2021 you will need to head over to our dedicated coronavirus page for the most up to date information. The below information may contain information that does not apply to you due to new measures and procedures we have had to put into place.

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If you can't find the answer to your question below, please don't hesitate to contact the UCL Accommodation Office on +44 (0)20 7679 6322 or accommodation@ucl.ac.uk.

Applying for accommodation

When can I apply for UCL accommodation?

Applications for the Academic Year 2021-2022 will open at the end of March 2021.

When is the application deadline?

For undergraduate and non-degree exchange students, the deadline is 31 May of the year of entry. For postgraduate students the deadline is 30 June of the year of entry.

Are applications first come, first serve?

No, allocations are not made until 1 July onwards.

Am I eligible for UCL Accommodation?


You are eligible if:

  • You are a first-year undergraduate  
  • UCL is your firm choice
  • You have not previously lived in London whilst studying at a Higher Education Institution (University)
  • You submit your application by the deadline (31 May)


You are eligible if:

  • You are a single international first-year graduate student studying for one of the following qualifications: a full-time Master's programme; a Postgraduate Diploma; or a MPhil/PhD
  • You have not previously lived in London whilst studying at a Higher Education Institution (University)
  • You have received and firmly accepted a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at UCL
  • You do not hold UK/EU fee status
  • You submit your application by the deadline (30th June)
Am I guaranteed accommodation at UCL?

All first-year undergraduate students, including international students (not UK/EU), are guaranteed accommodation as long as you meet our eligibility criteria in full.

Can I still apply for accommodation after the deadline?

You can make a late application, but you will not be guaranteed accommodation. Given the expected demand for accommodation, it is unlikely you will receive an offer and we strongly recommend you secure alternative housing via the University of London Housing ServicesHousing Advice London or our list of private providers.

I received an offer to study after the accommodation deadline, am I still guaranteed a place?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee accommodation to late applicants.

I am not eligible for UCL Accommodation, what can I do?

We strongly recommend you secure alternative housing via the University of London Housing ServicesHousing Advice London or our list of private providers.

I am deferring my entry to UCL, should I still apply for accommodation?

No, you must apply for accommodation in your entry year.

Can I state a preference for a particular hall or house?

If you are an undergraduate student you cannot state a preference for a particular UCL Hall. You can however state a preference for the Intercollegiate Halls. If you are a graduate student you may state a preference for a UCL Hall.

Will I receive acknowledgement of my application?

Yes, you will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your application by email. Please contact the UCL Accommodation Office if you do not receive an acknowledgement email.

Do you provide accommodation for students with disabilities?

You should also discuss your requirements with the UCL Student Disability Services to obtain further advice.

Where appropriate a preliminary visit to view the accommodation can be arranged.

There is more information on our Accommodation Support for Disabled Students page.

UCL Student Disability Services can be contacted by telephone on +44 (0)20 7679 0100 or via email: disability@ucl.ac.uk.

Students who indicate on their application that they have a disability, illness or medical condition will have a Risk Assessment carried out by the UCL Accommodation Office within one week of arrival.

But it’s worth noting that some of these halls can be a fair distance from other parts of UCL which may need to be taken into consideration. 

You should outline your requirements in your application. If you are diagnosed after applying you can contact the UCL Accommodation Office by email outlining your condition and how the condition affects your accommodation requirements. You should provide supporting medical evidence. The information you provide will be treated confidentially and is processed by UCL with your consent. It will be shared on a ‘need-to-know’ basis with the appropriate services within the Student Support and Wellbeing team in order for them to offer appropriate support during your time at UCL. Student Support and Wellbeing includes Student Disability Services and Student Psychological Services. You do not have to take up this support but UCL has a duty of care to its students, especially those living in its accommodation. More information about the use of information relating to a declared disability is available on our Disability Support pages.

I cannot see my uploaded ID photo or medical documents, what do I do?

Don’t worry, this is normal. As you are unable to return to previous stages in your application, you will not be able to see the attachments and photos uploaded.

Can I make changes to my application?

If you wish to make changes to your preferences before the guarantee deadline (31 May for undergraduates, 30 June for postgraduates), then you will need to cancel your application and reapply. Click on ‘Cancellation Page’ once you have accessed your current application, and follow the instructions. If you wish to make changes after the guarantee deadline, then please contact us via email at accommodation@ucl.ac.uk with the changes you wish to make.

Can I change my personal details – name, contact details?

If you have applied via UCAS, please contact them to change your details.

If you are a postgraduate student, please contact the admissions team at postgraduateadmissions@ucl.ac.uk.

If you are an exchange/JYA/Affiliate student, please contact at affiliatestudents@ucl.ac.uk.

How long do I have to accept my offer?

The deadline to accept your offer will be stated in your offer email. It is normally 3 working days.

Will my offer be withdrawn if I do not respond within the deadline?

Yes. If you miss the deadline you should contact the UCL Accommodation Office as soon as possible and we will advise on whether your offer can be reinstated.

When will I receive a response?

You will receive a response by email. When you receive a response depends on your offer status:

  • Undergraduate Unconditional - July
  • Conditional Firm - mid-August (post-results)
  • Exchange - July/August
  • Graduate Unconditional
  • Conditional Firm - July/August
How do I accept my offer?

You will receive your offer by email so you must regularly check all folders, including spam/junk. Read the email to understand the contract you will be accepting. Accept online within the deadline specified in the email, ensuring you pay your £250 deposit.

I am on holiday/I will not have internet connection during the period that you are sending out offers, what can I do?

You must have an internet connection in order to review your accommodation offer on the UCL Accommodation Online Portal – the offer cannot be accepted over the phone or in writing, it must be accepted online. If you will be on holiday/without internet connection, then we would recommend that you share your UCL Accommodation Online Portal log-in details with a trusted friend or family member, so that they can regularly review your portal, and accept your offer if you are unable to do so yourself. If you do not accept your offer by the deadline of acceptance, then your offer will be withdrawn, and we cannot guarantee that it can be reinstated.

    How much is the deposit?

    The deposit is:

    • £250 for a single room - £250 per person for a twin room
    • £250 for couple/family accommodation, or 2 x £250 if both residents are UCL students.
    Is the deposit refunded?

    Deposits will be used to offset your accommodation fees. They will not be returned back to you. For UCL Halls, your deposit will be applied against your third term’s invoice. For Term 1 Only Exchange students, your deposit will be used against your invoice. For all other students, the deposit will be used against your third term invoice providing there are no fees outstanding.

    What happens if I don’t like the accommodation offered to me?

    UCL does all it can to secure accommodation based on your preferences, but due to the large number of students applying and the nature of our housing, we cannot guarantee that all of your preferences will be met. We recommend you accept your offer, as only one offer of accommodation will be made per person. A swap list will open after the first two weeks of term and if your preferred room type becomes available we will do our best to accommodate you.

    How do I pay my deposit?

    UCL has a variety of ways to pay, including by bank transfer, or by paying online with a bank card.

    I am a part-time student, can I apply for accommodation?

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer University accommodation to part-time students. You can find a range of housing options and support on the University of London’s Housing Advice page, Housing Advice London, and our list of private providers.

    How do I get my applicant number for the application?

    Your UCL student number may also be known as your applicant number. You should have this if you have made an application to UCL and received an offer.

      Room allocation

      How is the accommodation allocated?

      We consider the preferences you indicate on your application including room type, budget and factors that are important to you. Accommodation applications are processed in a random order using our automated allocation system based on your preferences. This allows UCL to successfully allocate the majority of students to the room type they have selected and ensures the process is fair to all applicants. 

      How is the accommodation allocated?

      We consider the preferences you indicate on your application including room type, budget and factors that are important to you. Accommodation applications are processed in a random order using our automated allocation system based on your preferences. This allows UCL to successfully allocate the majority of students to the room type they have selected and ensures the process is fair to all applicants. 

      How is it decided who lives together?

      Once you have been allocated a place in a UCL Hall, the hall staff will decide which room to assign you to. The method of room allocations differs from site to site, varying from course background to interests, or student type.

      Are undergraduate and graduate students housed together?

      Most halls are either undergraduate- or postgraduate-only, but some do house both undergraduates and postgraduates.

      Undergraduate OnlyPostgraduate OnlyUndergraduates and postgraduatesCouples and families
      Astor CollegeAnn Stephenson/Neil Sharp HouseArthur Tattersall HouseAnn Stephenson/Neil Sharp House
      Campbell House East/WestBeaumont CourtIfor Evans HallArthur Tattersall House
      Frances Gardner HouseBernard Johnson HouseJohn Dodgson HouseBernard Johnson House
      Ian Baker HouseEndsleigh GardensLangton CloseEndsleigh Gardens
      James Lighthill HouseGoldsmid HouseMax Rayne HouseGordon Square
      John Adams HallHawkridge HouseSt Pancras WayIfor Evans Hall
      John Tovell HouseNew Hall Prankerd House
       Prankerd House  
       Stapleton House  

      Visit our UCL Halls page for more information

      Who will I be living with?

      We cannot share details of your flatmates with you prior to arrival due to data protection laws. You will meet them on your check-in day.

      Are there single sex residences?

      No, all UCL Halls and Intercollegiate Halls are mixed sex.

      I will be under 18 when I move in, does this affect the accommodation I will be offered?

      If you are aged under 18, you will receive an accommodation offer for a single room at Ramsay Hall, Ian Baker House and James Lighthill House only.

      Can I choose who I share a twin room or flat with?

      If you wish to share with someone that you know, please ensure you have added their details to the ‘roommate’ section of the application form, or email us at accommodation@ucl.ac.uk, and ensure that they have done the same. We cannot give you the details of your roommates before your arrival due to data protection laws.

      Accommodation contracts

      What duration is the accommodation offered for?

      See below for answer depending on student type:

      • Undergraduate places are offered for 39 weeks, from Saturday 25 September 2021, to Saturday 25 June 2022.
      • Postgraduate places are offered for 50 weeks and 4 days, from Saturday 25 September 2021, to Wednesday 14 September 2022.
      • First term only students: Saturday 25 September 2021 to Tuesday 4 January 2022
      • Second and third-term only students: Tuesday 4 January 2022 to Saturday 25 June 2022
      My programme runs for a calendar year (12 months) rather than an academic year (9 months) can I continue to stay in UCL Accommodation over the summer?

      Postgraduate students are offered accommodation for 50 weeks and 4 days. There may be a requirement to move rooms during the summer. Unfortunately, accommodation cannot be provided beyond mid-September even if your course extends this date.

      Do you provide accommodation from September to March?

      No, our contracts are 39 or 50.57 weeks depending on your programme of study.

      Can I stay in UCL Accommodation over Christmas and Easter?

      Yes, accommodation is offered for the full academic session. You are liable for rent over the Christmas and Easter vacations.

      Before you arrive

      I need to provide my address for my visa application, what should I do?

      If you have received an offer of accommodation, provide the address of your hall. If you have not yet received an accommodation offer you can use:

      University College London
      Gower Street
      WC1E 6BT

      What furniture is provided in each room?

      The following items are standard in all bedrooms: carpet, curtains, wardrobe, desk/table, desk chair, bed (including mattress), mattress cover, wastepaper bin and light shade/cover. Additionally, the following items are provided in some of the bedrooms:

      • notice board
      • chair
      • chest of drawers
      • bedside cabinet
      • under bed storage
      • washbasin
      • shaving light
      • mirror
      Is bed linen provided in each room?

      UCL does not provide bed linen or towels. You can buy a bedding pack from UniKitOut. Prices start from £24 and packs consist of a duvet, pillow, duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet. UniKitOut also sells kitchen and bathroom packs, and many individual items for your room. 

      When can I move in?

      You must read the ‘Arrival Instructions’ section in the ‘My Home’ section of the Pre-arrival Online Induction.

      For Intercollegiate Halls, you should refer to the information sent to you by email from the University of London or email: info.halls@london.ac.uk for confirmation.

      Is it possible to arrive earlier to attend the International Students Orientation Programme (ISOP)? Will there be an additional charge for Early Arrival?

      Yes. Once you have accepted your accommodation offer, you should log in to the UCL Accommodation Online Portal, to submit an Early Arrival Request, at: www.ucl.ac.uk/student-accommodation/online-services.

      Completion of this request does not ensure that your early arrival request can be met. You must check with the UCL Accommodation Office team if you do not receive an email response. If you arrive earlier, you will be invoiced for the additional night(s) on your Portico account, after you arrive.

      The charge for early arrival applies to all residents regardless of the reason for the Early Arrival.

      Due to visa complications, I may not arrive until after the intake weekend in September. Will the accommodation be held open for me until I arrive?

      In the event that you are unable to arrive on Saturday 26 September, you must complete and submit a Late Arrival Notification via your accommodation portal to ensure that your room is held open for you.

      Late arrivals will still be invoiced from the contract start date, Saturday 26 September.

      If you have paid a deposit, but you do not arrive within the first week and have not notified the UCL Accommodation Office team that you will be arriving late, the offer will be withdrawn and your deposit will not be refunded.

      If you have not paid a deposit or notified the UCL Accommodation Office team that you will be arriving late, the offer will be withdrawn on Monday 28 September.

      If you have been offered an Intercollegiate Hall and you will be arriving late, you should contact Housing Services, Student Central, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY Tel: +44 (0)20 7862 8881 Email: info.halls@london.ac.uk

      How can I obtain proof of residence to open a bank account?

      You can request a bank reference letter from your hall's reception/office after you have checked in. If you are living in an Intercollegiate Hall, you should contact the Bursar’s Office. See our general guidance on how to open a bank account.

        Current residents

        How do I pay my accommodation fees?

        UCL has a variety of ways to pay, including by bank transfer, or by paying online with a bank card. See the Fees, Guidance and Payment page.

        What should I do if I cannot pay my accommodation fees before the invoice deadline?

        Before the deadline, please visit the reception of your hall and ask for a ‘Request for Extension of Deadline Form’. The UCL Accommodation Office team may allow you to defer your payment for up to 30 days, but please note you are expected to explain why you cannot make the original payment deadline.

        Do I have to pay my invoice in one payment? Can I set up an instalment plan?

        It is possible to set up an instalment plan, i.e. monthly payments, to pay your invoice. Before the payment deadline, please visit the reception of your hall and ask for an ‘Instalment Plan for Payment of Residences Fees Form’. The due date for the final instalment must be at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the term.

        I have checked-in to my room and now wish to cancel my accommodation contract, do I still have to pay my fees?

        Yes you do, please refer to your Accommodation Licence Agreement in the UCL Accommodation General Regulations and Guidance Handbook for 2020-2021 (PDF).

        When do I need to pay my fees?

        All students will be invoiced within two weeks of checking in to their accommodation. The payment deadline will be two weeks from receiving the invoice.

        Do you offer accommodation to returning students?

        UCL also has a range of accommodation available for returning students. Find out more information here.

        Can UCL act as my rent guarantor if I'm moving into private accommodation?

        We can guarantee your rent in private accommodation if you meet our new eligibility criteria. You can view further information about the eligibility and how to apply on our dedicated page.