UCL Accommodation


About us

UCL Accommodation allocates approximately 7,500 beds across 26 halls in London, ranging in size, facilities and locations.

UCL Accommodation service promise

UCL Accommodation strives to offer welcoming, comfortable and secure accommodation. We are committed to providing a supportive and friendly environment for all students, staff and visitors who use our services.

    We promise to:

    1. Be friendly, courteous and helpful whenever we speak to you
    2. Regularly review our standards against your feedback to improve our service
    3. Ensure staff listen and resolve accommodation enquiries or direct you to an appropriate contact
    4. Endeavour to acknowledge written comments/complaints within 3 working days and respond fully within 7 days 
    5. Agree a timescale with you for keeping you informed of the progress, if the matter is complex
    6. Promote equality and diversity by treating all individuals with dignity, respect and sensitivity

    In return, we ask you:

    1. To treat our team with respect. We’ll treat you with respect, so please do the same in return. 

    2. To speak to our team professionally. We have a zero-tolerance approach to aggression and abuse towards our staff.

    3. To be mindful of your behaviour. All staff and students deserve a working and studying environment where everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity. 

      Regulations and guidance principles

      Living in university accommodation is a community experience that the vast majority of students enjoy. Regulations are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of UCL accommodation.

      Our principles

      • Behave in a manner that shows respect for your fellow residents, staff and visitors; being particularly mindful of safety, security and peace of mind.
      • Respect the building you live in and its furnishings so that future generations of students can enjoy it.
      • Be aware of the regulations governing the terms of your occupancy and the payment of fees.
      • Be aware of UCL’s Code of Conduct for Students
      • Be aware of UCL’s Student Disciplinary Code and Procedure