UCL Accommodation


Fees, guidance and payment

Find out how to pay UCL Accommodation fees, learn more about deposits, late payment and other fees, and read our FAQs.

Accommodation fees

Accommodation fees for UCL accommodation is paid termly. You will be notified via your UCL email account when your invoices are available on your Portico account - for your first invoice, this will be within two weeks of checking in to your hall. The payment deadline will be indicated on your invoice. Your accommodation fees will not be reduced to take account of any periods when you did not occupy the accommodation allocated to you, including university closure periods.

Download the invoicing schedule for 2022/2023 and a full breakdown of your rent invoices are calculated. 

For year 2022 - 2023 (Including summer session)

    General Regulations and Guidance

    This document includes important information about your obligations if you are living in UCL accommodation. This is your 'Contract' with UCL for the duration of your agreement.

    Accommodation deposit

    In order to secure your place in UCL accommodation, you are required to pay a deposit of £250 within four working days from receiving the offer. The deposit will be deducted from your first invoice for your accommodation fees. 

    How to pay 


    We accept all cards labelled Visa or Mastercard. We do NOT accept Diner’s Club, American Express, Discovery or JCB.

    To pay online, visit: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/payonline - you will need your student number to do this.

    Bank transfer

    Your name and student number must be included as part of the transaction reference.

    Account name: UCL Residences Account (accept UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON if prompted) 
    Account number: 70116009
    Sort Code: 20-10-79
    Swift: BARC GB 22 or BARCGB22XXX 
    IBAN: GB77 BARC 2010 7970 1160 09

    Please note bank transfers are subject to variable bank charges by both the sending and receiving bank; these charges must be settled by the sender.

    You must email proof of transfer to the UCL Accommodation Finance team by emailing accommodation.finance@ucl.ac.uk, stating your UCL student number and putting 'Proof of payment' in the subject line. 

    Download a PDF version of UCL Accommodation Payment Methods

    Other fees

    Late payment fee

    £25 late payment fee will be added to the account for each term that payment is not made by the due date. 

    If your accommodation fees remain unpaid by the due date and if you have made no formal repayment arrangement, UCL will pass all outstanding and future debts to an external debt collection agency, which may result in legal action through the Courts and a County Court Judgment made against you. In addition the University reserves the right to issue a 28 day ‘Notice to Quit’ to expire at the end of the invoice period, at which point you will be required to leave your room.

    Replacement for lost keys

    On arrival a set of room keys will be issued to you by the site office of your accommodation. These keys form part of a security suite and cannot be duplicated except by the site office at your accommodation. The safekeeping of your keys is important and is your responsibility. If you lose your keys, you must immediately advise the site office at your accommodation, where you will be asked to present proof of identity.

    You will be charged:

    • £40 to replace a set of room keys (includes fob, room keys, post key)
    • £20 to replace a fob/swipe or access card/single key (front door, post box, bicycle shed etc.)
    • £5 for a replacement meal card
    • £30 for a lock change (plus additional charge for room keys)
    • £5 to replace a key card (Astor College only)

    Cleaning or damage charges

    UCL reserves the right to access your accommodation given reasonable notice for cleaning checks. We will give you at least 48 hours’ notice in writing, but sooner access may be required in an emergency.  All areas of the building (including student rooms/flats) are checked every term by UCL staff or UCL contractors, and communal areas are checked weekly against the following criteria:

    • Acceptable cleanliness
    • Damage to the fabric of the building
    • Damage to furniture, fittings
    • Introduction of prohibited items, e.g. un-fused/cubed adaptors, candles, use of cooking equipment in bedrooms, etc.
    • Damage, misuse or loss of fire detection and firefighting equipment


    • damage is caused to your room and the furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings and to any other property; and/or
    • you fail to keep your accommodation in an acceptably clean state as required by the General Regulations and Guidance Handbook; and/or
    • if you choose to vacate your accommodation before the end of your Licence Agreement; and/or
    • any UCL property is taken from your accommodation

    You will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement (whichever is cheaper) which you have caused, by your negligence or wilful acts, or where this is due to the negligence or wilful acts of anyone you have invited into the accommodation, including the common areas.

    UCL may invoice you for the cost of repair or replacement and you must pay the invoice within 28 days, or UCL may choose to deduct the relevant amount from your deposit. Failure to pay an invoice may result in action being taken by UCL to recover those sums.

    It is essential that you report any damage to the site office at your accommodation immediately. A room inventory is provided on arrival and indicates the condition of your room at the start of your accommodation contract. Unless you indicate otherwise, in writing to the site office at your accommodation, within 48 hours of moving into your room, the original inventory will be used at the end of your contract to determine any damages charges attributed to you.

    You are not however required to pay for disrepair caused by fair wear and tear. In instances where, after reasonable investigations, responsibility for damage caused cannot be attributed to any individual or individuals, the reasonable cost will be divided equally among the students within the affected area.