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Applications for 2023-2024 UCL Accommodation are now open.

Spaces in our halls are in high demand and we are unable to provide accommodation to every student that applies.

The application deadlines are in June and we make offers between July and the end of August. If you are not guaranteed housing this timeline may not be appropriate for you and we would recommend that you look into alternative accommodation options to secure housing as early as possible. The housing marketing in London is extremely competitive and demand will increase as it gets closer to the start of term. 

Our eligibility criteria

If you are an undergraduate student for 2023-2024, you are guaranteed a place in UCL Accommodation if:

  • you are a full-time, first-year student
  • you have accepted UCL as your firm choice by 10 June 2023
  • you have not previously lived or studied at a Higher Education Institution in Greater London (inside the M25 motorway)
  • you apply for single room person accommodation by 10 June 2023

If you are a postgraduate student, you will be prioritised for a place in UCL Accommodation if:

  • you are a first-year, full-time international student
  • you have firmly accepted an offer to study at UCL, conditional or unconditional, by 30 June 2023
  • you have not previously lived or studied at a Higher Education Institution in Greater London (inside the M25 motorway)
  • you apply for single room person accommodation by 30 June 2023

*Please note that UCL Accommodation welcomes and supports applications from students with additional requirements. We recommend that you first review the information available for students with additional requirements and contact the Accommodation Team by email accommodation@ucl.ac.uk to discuss any queries you may have about your individual needs and how to apply.

Undergraduates cannot select a specific hall as a part of their application. However, you can let us know your room type preference and maximum weekly rent allowance. Please make sure to look at our hall webpages and see what is affordable to you.  

Wherever you may be allocated a place in the halls, you will join an international community of residents that you share a home with in London. It is this community that can enhance your first year, provide you with support and introduce you to new friends from other courses.

At UCL, we want to provide you with a home away from home, where you will feel comfortable and supported. Our halls have everything you need to get your head down and study, as well as to relax during your downtime with our Res-Life programme, Flourish.

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Prospective residents

UCL Accommodation Undergraduate

All the information you may want while considering spending your first year living in UCL Accommodation, from university life to the application process.

Applying for Accommodation


Find out if you are eligible for accommodation, key dates, and how and when to apply for the 2023-24 Academic Session.

Students with additional requirements

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UCL Accommodation work to ensure students with additional requirements are allocated rooms that meet their needs and at no additional costs through rent adjustment.

Alternative Accommodation


Learn more about the options available for current students and those students who do not meet the eligibility criteria to be guaranteed or prioritised for UCL Accommodation.


Front Quad

Whether you're a current resident with a query or you're stuck on the application process, our FAQs can help with most questions.

Fees, guidance and payment

Find out more about UCL Accommodation fees, how to pay and other guidance. 

Summer accommodation 

UCL has a range of accommodation available for students over the summer.