UCL Accommodation


Applying for UCL Accommodation

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year will open in March 2024.

UCL Accommodation recognises and prioritises students who are new to UCL, life at university, and the UK. For UCL Accommodation, ‘prioritised’ means that these students are offered spaces in UCL ahead of returning students. During the academic year 2023-24, all applicants who met the eligibility criteria were allocated a place in UCL Accommodation. 

It is recommended that you submit your UCL Accommodation application as early as possible, after choosing UCL as your firm choice. During the academic year 2023-24, all applicants who met the eligibility criteria were allocated a place in UCL Accommodation. Please note that not all offers are all generated at once. 

Due to high demand, UCL can only guarantee accommodation to students that are under 18 years old or with additional requirements.

How to apply

How to apply undergraduate

The contract length for undergraduate students is 39 weeks, including the Winter and Spring holidays. 

Undergraduate students wishing to stay in UCL Accommodation for the summer period can apply for a summer booking once they are living in halls. 

How to apply postgraduate

The contract length for postgraduate students is 50.57 weeks, including the Winter and Spring holidays, and the summer term.  

Under 18s 

Students under 18 years old (as of 17 September 2024) are guaranteed to receive an offer for UCL Accommodation in the following halls: 

We will take your preferences into account regarding rent/ room type, etc. Please note that we are unable to allocate under 18s to twin rooms.  

Students with additional requirements  

UCL Accommodation welcomes and guarantees rooms for students with additional requirements. This can include: 

  • Health issues 
  • Care experienced 
  • Estranged students 
  • At risk of being homeless 

The team will support and ensure that students are allocated a room that meets their needs throughout their studies. Additional information is available on the students with additional requirements webpage.

Families and couples 

UCL has very limited accommodation for those who would like to live with their partner, family, or children.  

All students applying for UCL or University of London accommodation (except International Hall) should apply directly through the UCL Accommodation Portal. Students with children are advised not to bring them to London until firm arrangements for accommodation are in place. 

Additional information, including which Halls offer Family Accommodation can be found on the Halls webpage.

Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate (UPC), Intercalated BSc (iBSc), and Study abroad and exchange students

Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate (UPC) students

Students on the Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate (UPC) , intensive one-year foundation course are eligible to apply for UCL Accommodation.

If you live in UCL halls during this course you will be ineligible for prioritised UCL Accommodation during later studies, unless you have additional requirements

Intercalated BSc (iBSc) students

UCL cannot provide an accommodation place for Intercalated BSc (iBSc) students, and we would advise you to look into alternative accommodation to secure non-UCL Accommodation.

Study abroad and exchange students

Full-time undergraduate students attending a full academic year at UCL on Junior Year Abroad (JYA), Erasmus or Exchange programmes are considered equivalent to first-year undergraduate students for the purposes of allocating accommodation.  
Students intending to attend UCL for less than an entire academic year cannot be guaranteed an accommodation place due to the limited number of spaces available.

If you are not eligible for UCL Accommodation

If you are not eligible to be prioritised for UCL Accommodation, either because you do not meet the Eligibility Criteria or because you are holding UCL as an insurance offer, we advise you to look into Alternative Accommodation