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The Swift Satellite

Development of the SWIFT UVOT detector system. The UVOT was designed, built, and is currently supported in orbit by a team at MSSL. 2004

The Swift Satellite

20 November 2004

The Swift Satellite celebrated its 10 year anniversary since launch on 20th November 2014.

The Astrophysics group are involved in the instrumentation, operations and science for Swift and in particular the Ultraviolet and Optical Telescope on  board. For information on the instrumentation and projects please go to the Swift and UVOT pages.

UVOT being built at MSSL and integrated at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC):

UVOT Serendipitous Source Catalogue

Data from the UVOT have been used to create a new catalogue of Optical and UV sources. For a description and a download of Version 1 please go to UVOTSSC


The Swift UVOT grisms have been calibrated and there is now revised software available to help you use your grism data. 

Software Provided:

  • UVOT
  • Languages: Ada, assembler 
  • CPUs: MA31750a