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Current Vacancies:

Research Fellow in Solar Physics and Space Plasma Physics

We seek to appoint a Research Fellow to undertake research in the area of Solar Orbiter science in the Department of Space and Climate Physics (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) at University College London (UCL). The mission is due to be launched in 2020 with new data expected to be available a few months later. The post will bridge the expertise of both the MSSL Solar Physics and Space Plasma Physics groups. Both groups have academic-level involvement in key instruments on the mission. A key question for the Solar Orbiter mission is understanding the source regions of various states of the solar wind, and determining how the characteristics of those sources influence its evolution through the heliosphere. The post-holder will combine solar remote sensing observations with in-situ data from current missions and combine with modelling to address this question, and initially prepare for, but then deliver some of the science returns of Solar Orbiter.

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