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Our department provides opportunities for collaboration that can help your business develop new capabilities. As a department we think creatively about where and how the knowledge we generate, and the way we work, can have a positive impact and support UK competitiveness.
Swift UVOT testing


Staff at MSSL have expertise in a wide range of areas, from scientific expertise on space to engineering and technology management. Contact us to find out about working with MSSL on your projects.

CAD model of ExoMars PanCam

Instrument Build and Test

MSSL is unusual among university-based space research groups in having all the facilities needed to design, build and test high technology systems in-house. Our engineering expertise covers a wide range of in-situ and remote sensing space instrumentation. High-quality bespoke instruments can be designed on request.



MSSL's testing facilities, including vibration and thermal vacuum facilities, ensure instrumentation and hardware can survive and operate in space. Access to these facilities can be negotiated through our Industry Programme.

Space Policy 

Space Policy Related Reports supported by MSSL staff:

Training and Strategic Partnerships

Staff at MSSL work strategically with organisations to develop innovative technologies and increase capability. Over many years, MSSL has developed mutually beneficial partnerships with companies such as Airbus and Teledyne e2v.

Through the Technology Management Group (TMG), professional training courses for industry can be developed. Previous courses have promoted a forward-looking approach to the management of technology projects and have been delivered across Europe, North America and Asia, and include courses for the European Space Agency (ESA), Jaguar Land Rover, PA Consulting, Leonardo and BAE Systems. These training courses improve organisational capability to deliver complex, cutting-edge projects effectively, delivering significant value for stakeholders on a global scale.

Bespoke training courses have also been created to support the UK’s space weather forecasting efforts. Space weather forecasters at the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre (MOSWOC) have attend courses that equip forecasters with a better understanding of the science of space weather. The underpinning research that was communicated at the training events increased forecasters’ knowledge and the competences required for their role.


UCL Centre for Systems Engineering:

UCLse's founding aim was to share the knowledge and skills developed by the Mullard Space Science Laboratory from over two hundred successful rocket and space missions completed over the last fifty years with systems engineers in other sectors.

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