UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Space Engineering

Launching and operating high-quality scientific instrumentation in space presents unique engineering challenges. MSSL has expertise and facilities to meet these challenges and develop the next generation of space instrumentation.

Since being founded, MSSL has brought together scientists and engineers to design, test and build instruments for operation in space. MSSL has provided hardware for more than 300 launches and continues to provide instrumentation, software and operational support for important international space missions. 

Electronics Group


In-house capabilities, to design, build and test the space flight instruments that provide the major part of the data on which the scientific research programmes are built.



The Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) engineering group provides support to the Department's space flight hardware AIT requirements.  The AIT group consists of highly-qualified and experienced engineers, covering diverse engineering fields.

Mechanical & Thermal

Mechanical and Thermal

The experience of our highly qualified engineers, designers and technicians is vast and diverse over a number of successful space missions, since formation in 1965. 

Unpacking the Euclid VIS Focal Plane Assembly

Mission Assurance

Mission Assurance activities at MSSL are tailored to follow the ESA ECSS Management and Quality Standards (European Cooperation on Space Standardization).

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Encompassing all areas of space missions where the ability to develop high quality, reliable, fault tolerant, efficient and flexible software to demanding schedules.

Technology and Project Management

Technology and Project Management

Development, management and exploitation of technology within an enterprise context, and carries out research, teaching and consultancy in relevant areas.