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Software Engineering

Space software engineering at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) encompasses all areas of space missions where the ability to develop high quality, reliable, fault tolerant, efficient and flexible software to demanding schedules are essential qualities.

Software Engineering
The software engineering group is composed of experienced professional software engineers whose expertise is applied in 6 main areas:

    Software Engineering Missions

    Using computer languages and development systems, within a structured software project management and quality assurance environment. 

    Modelling & Simulation Software

    Mission and instrument simulators developed by MSSL have helped establish the feasibility of new missions and guide the detailed design.

    Flight Software

    MSSL Flight software has been developed to meet the needs of real-time spacecraft instrument control and onboard data processing.

    Data Processing & Analysis

    On-ground Data Processing Chains developed by MSSL convert the instrument telemetry in to physical or geophysical data products.

    Project Management and Quality Assurance

    Services developed at MSSL serve to evaluate instrument operational performance ensuring quality of processing chains and products.

    Data visualisation and analysis test tools

    Data visualisation and analysis tools are used for trouble shooting instrumentation and data processing chains as well as providing tools for scientific analysis.

    The group also offers its expertise to industry on a consultancy basis, and is engaged in a continual program to improve techniques and enable cost savings via research. 

    Software Engineering:

    Mission Software types:
    Instrument and Mission Simulators
    Flight Software
    Ground Segment Software 


    Head of Software Engineering:

    Steve Baker
    +44 1483 204 104