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Technology and Project Management

MSSL's Technology Management Group (TMG) is concerned with the development, management and exploitation of technology within an enterprise context, and carries out research, teaching and consultancy in relevant areas, underpinned by a strong background in project management.

We have particular expertise in the development of complex spacecraft instrumentation, for which the environmental constraints are extremely challenging, quality is of paramount importance and the budgets of time, cost and risk are tight.

We are interested in the practical side of managing technology developments, including managing the risk of technology projects, as well as the more creative aspects of planning technologies for uncertain futures, and developing innovative concepts for technology.

Technology Management

Technology Management

We look to apply the knowledge developed in space instrumentation development.

Unpacking the Euclid VIS Focal Plane Assembly

Project Management

The programme is underpinned by a strong background in project management.

Swift UVOT testing

Project List

A broad programme over the whole range of MSSL's research interests.

Technology and Project Management:


Associated Courses:
MSc in Technology Management
Postgraduate: Systems Engineering Courses
Doctoral: Managing Technology Projects

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Executive Education

We have Association for Project Management (APM) accreditation.

General Enquiries:
Dr. Michael Emes
+44 1483 204 285