UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Full List of Current Projects and Roles

The MSSL technology programme is underpinned by a strong background in project management.

For more information see the missions MSSL is involved with.

Project TitleAcronym Principal InvestigatorProject managerAim of Project
 Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics cooler requirements ATHENAIan HepburnIan Hepburn To study the 50mK cooler requirements
Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics science definitionATHENA Mat Page Mat PageTo develop the ATHENA science definition requirements
Atmosphere LANd Interaction StudyALANISPeter MullerVladimir YershovTo study how boreal forests contribute to greenhouse gas and aerosol concentration, and into the processes governing the interplay between Earth’s surface and atmosphere
Cassini Electron Spectrometer Post-Launch SupportCassini ELS PLSAndrew CoatesGethyn LewisPost-launch operations of the Cassini ELS isntrument
Cluster Plasma Electron And Current Experiment Post-Launch SupportCluster PEACE PLS Andrew Fazakerley Gill WatsonPost-launch operations of the Cluster PEACE isntrument
Coordination Action for integration of Solar System Infrastructure & ScienceCASSISBob BentleyBob BentleyTo explore ways to improve interoperability for all aspects of Solar System science
CRYosat Mission Performance Simulation upgradeCRYMPSSteve BakerSteve BakerTo provide software to simulate performance of the SIRAL instrument on board Cryosat
Cryosat2: Instrument Processing Facility Level 2Cryosat2 IPF2Steve BakerSteve BakerTo design & implement Level-2 processing chains in the Cryosat IPF
Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory ECHOBerend WinterBerend WinterTo lead structural and thermal analysis mission studies
Envisat RA2 Sea-Ice Measurement Performance CalibrationEnvisat RA2Steve BakerSteve BakerTo act as the ESA-designated Expert Support Laboratory for RA2 measurement performance of non-ocean surfaces
The large aperture European Solar TelescopeESTSarah MatthewsDave WaltonTo study large format high-speed imaging detectors
Euclid VISible channel instrumentEuclid VISMark CropperRichard ColeTo lead the development of the VIS instrument
Exomars Panoramic CamerasExomars PancamAndrew CoatesCraig LeffTo develop a panoramic camera system for the Exomars Rover
Gaia Data CentreGDCMark CropperSteve BakerTo provide the ground data processing system for Gaia
GLOBal Land Surface ALBEDO from satellite dataGlobAlbedoPeter MullerTom KennedyTo develop a broadband albedo map of the entire Earth's land surface for use in climate modelling & research
Global Sea Ice Information SystemGlobIceSteve BakerSteve BakerTo define, implement & validate an antarctic sea ice dynamics information system
Heliophysics Integrated ObservatoryHELIOBob BentleyPhil WilliamsTo develop a comprehensive integrated information system of heliophysics data
Hinode Post-Launch SupportHinode PLSLouise HarraKhalid Al-JanabiPost-launch operations of the Hinode EUV Imaging Spectrometer
High Resolution Stereo Colour ImagerHiSciPeter MullerPeter MullerTo develop a High Resolution Stereo Colour Imager for the 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO)
Hybrid Electric Technology for Transit BusesHETTBAlan SmithMichael EmesTo develop a model to optimise the energy storage and power management for passenger transit buses
JUpiter ICy moon Explorer, Particle Environment PackageJUICE PEPGeraint JonesLaura MullinTo provide detectors for two particle sensors in the PEP instrument
Laser Interferometer Space Antenna PathfinderLISA PathfinderPhil GuttridgePhil GuttridgeTo procure silicon photodiodes for LISA Pathfinder
Large Observatory For x-ray Timing, Large Area Detector LOFT LAD Silvia ZaneTom KennedyTo lead the study of the LAD instrument with aprticular emphasis on micro-channel plate collimators
Miniature mill-Kelvin CryoCoolerMk CryoCoolerIan HepburnJo BartlettTo develop the world's first miniature milli-Kelvin cryo-cooler
PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of starsPlatoAlan SmithPhil GuttridgeTo develop a camera system for Plato
Planetary RObotics VIsion SCOUTProviscoutPeter MullerAndrew GriffitthsTo demonstrate the combination of vision-based autonomous sample identification & sample selection with terrain hazard analysis for a long range scouting/exploration mission on a terrestrial planet.
Planetary RObotics VISion Ground processing ProvisG Peter Muller Peter MullerTo build a framework for planetary robotic vision ground processing
Reprocessing chain for the European Remote Sensing Satellite altimetry datasetREAPERSteve BakerSteve BakerTo reprocess the ERS-1 & ERS-2 dataset to develop a continuous & homogeneous altimetry datbase
Sentinel-3 Altimetry Products & Algorithm DefinitionSentinel-3Steve BakerSteve BakerTo design Level-2 data products and algorithm chains for ice surfaces
Solar Orbiter EUV Imaging Telescope SolO EUI Louise HarraTom KennedyTo design, manufacture, build, test & deliver the EUI Common Electronics Box & on-board flight software
Solar Orbiter Solar Wind Analyser SolO SWA Chris Owen Chris Brockley-BlattTo lead the team producing the SWA and develop the Electron Analyser Sub-system
SupernemoSupernemoBerend WinterMary CarterTo design & build detector modules for the next generation neutrinoless double beta decay experiment, Supernemo
Swift UV/Optical Telescope Post-Launch SupportSwift UVOT PLSMat PageMary CarterPost-launch operations of the Swift UVOT instrument
Technology Demonstrator Satellite, ChaPSTechDemoSat ChaPSDhiren KatariaDhiren KatariaTo develop a miniaturised plasma analyser and demonstrate in-flight operation on TechDemoSat
Virtual Atomic & Molecular Data CentreVAMDCLen CulhaneKevin BensonTo build an inter-operable e-Infrastrucure for the exchange of molecular & atomic data
Vega IDEAS support IDEASSteve BakerSteve BakerTo provide scientific & operations support for Cryosat-2 Radar Altimeter & performance monioring & QA for Cryosat SIRAL data processing 
QA of ERS Altimeter WAveform Product for the UK Processing & Archiving Facility WAP QA Steve Baker Steve BakerTo provide QA of data processing & products from the UK-PAF
X-ray Multi-Mirror Optical Monitor Post-Launch SupportXMM-OM PLSMat PageMary CarterPost-launch operations of the XMM-OM instrument