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High Energy Astrophysics

MSSL’s research into compact objects has established a rich heritage stretching back to the earliest days of high-energy astrophysics, including strong instrumentation roles in a gamut of high-energy facilities. We lead the field in the interpretation of the resulting data through the combination of our observational and theoretical expertise. We established world-leading positions in the areas of X-ray binaries, cataclysmic variables and isolated neutron stars and have built increasingly strong positions in the competitive gamma-ray burst and ultra-luminous X-ray source fields.

Artist impression of an accreting supermassive black hole. The central black sphere is the event horizon of the black hole. The swirl of red-white material is the accretion flow onto the black hole, increasing in temperature as it approaches the event hor

High Energy Astrophysics Research

This is the research we conduct into the field of high energy astrophysics.

Artist's impression of the XMM-Newton satellite

High Energy Astrophysics Missions

These are the missions that researchers use to investigate high energy astrophysics.


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