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User stories feedback on research facilitation

Summaries of user stories feedback, follow link to find out more.

We are grateful to researchers who provided feedback that shows a range of facilitation we provide for them.

User stories feedback
Laura ShallcrossInstitute of Health Informatics
  • We wanted to migrate our existing database in rebase to redcap and wanted someone to help us to set up the new redcap database.
  • The assistance we have had to set this project up has been excellent. The process of setting the redcap account up was also straightforward. We also had a discussion about information governance requirements with a facilitator from the IT support team. This process was also straightforward.
Paul HealyUCL School of Pharmacy
  • We needed a safe platform to store data anonymously and with options to share only part of our data with others of our choosing.
  • After we confirmed that Sharepoint was the service we desired, the team were extremely fast in responding and setting up our site for us.
Eugene ArulmuthuInstitute of Ophthalmology and UCL Cancer Institute
  • WGTU is providing clinical products for ophthalmic clinical trials and in future, proposes to hold a Specials License which may require supplying products to named patients.
  • The facilitation service provided was effective for immediate implementation. However, periodic review may be required to confirm Information Governance.
Chris FinanInstitute of Cardiovascular Science
  • We required instances to house our in-house research database platform - two instances of 128GB, 4TB storage (shared) and 8 cores each.
  • I found the whole process of applying and setting up of out eMedLab project was very smooth and fast with good communication on the part of research IT services throughout the process.
Valerie KuanInstitute of Cardiovascular Science
  • Requirement for analysis of large data sets, so need for additional memory and the facility to use bash scripts and other software in the Data Safe Haven.
  • I found the team very supportive and helpful. One improvement might be to update software and other packages in the safe haven as some of the packages are out of date. I have been able to carry out my analysis with all the tools provided.
Radhika ShahInstitute of Ophthalmology
  • We wanted storage for large quantities of data, over an extended period of time.
  • The team was very efficient in dealing with our queries and even referred us to attend follow-up sessions for any queries.
Georg OttoUCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
  • We were interested in using eMedLab as an environment for high performance computing for genomics data (Whole genome sequences, RNA-SAeq etc).
  • The information we needed was provided promptly, accurately and completely. There was latency in getting our accounts.
Joshua BuckmanUCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
  • We contacted the IT facilitators about the available data handling and storage options we have for a project involving clinical data, advice on data handling for anonymised, pseudonymised and identifiable data, and advice on information governance toolkits.
  • They meet all our requirements.
Marissa MesUCL School of Pharmacy
  • I wanted guidance on how to safely store and handle data in accordance with data protection guidelines, for both UCL and the NHS.
  • The research facilitators were very helpful and patient, they answered any small queries I had about setting up my study and outlining the data protection plan in my ethics application.
Krisztina Zuborne AlapiUCL Cancer Institute
  • This new database had to be internet based, multiuser, secure (confidential data is collected).
  • We could meet with you within a short time, you provided us with an approx. time schedule, confirmation that redcap can fulfil our requirements, and with names and email addresses with potential people who can help us with the transfer.
Karoline KuchenbaeckerDivision of Psychiatry
  • Whether data needs to be stored on safe haven or lower level protection appropriate. how to get account
  • All requirements met
Yazi Al'jobooriFaculty of Engineering Sciences
  • We run small clinical studies with spinal injury patients and require a safe way to store their data.
  • We now have a safe platform to store our data, it is much more organised and easier for the PI and myself to share information.
Matteo CarandiniInstitute of Ophthalmology
  • We needed 230TB of storage for backing up our data.
  • The network speeds were too low initially but it the problem was promptly dealt with by the support team. 
Joanne FungEastman Dental Institute
  • Whether my data involves privacy issue.
  • They are helpful as staff come and meet me in person to solve my enquiry.
Louise MorganInstitute of Ophthalmology
  • I needed more room to store the large amount of data (mostly images from microscopes) produced in my project.
  • They make a big difference in providing storage that is backed up and easy to use.
Yashma PathakUCL Cancer Institute
  • Sought recommendation for protecting personal data from patients who have consented for bio banking of samples.
  • To have a tool like data safe haven, makes data protection so much easier to comply with.

Gabrielle Selcoe

UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
  • We needed to use the Data Ssafe Haven as this project uses identifiable data with a large number of participants who are children in schools around the UK.
  • Data collection is much more secure, and streamlined. There is less margin for error/mishandling of data. 
Aikaterini VezyroglouUCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
  • For my PhD project I need a safe space to store video data.
  • These tools enable me to start my data collection as there was no way for me to safely store personal data before. In that sense these tools make my research possible.