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User stories feedback: Radhika Shah, Institute of Ophthalmology

User story feedback on Research Facilitation. "The team was very efficient in dealing with our queries and even referred us to attend follow-up sessions for any queries."

Summary: Amanda Vernon contacted IT for SLMS Research Facilitation in November 2017 regarding use of Research IT Services. Jack Hindley, Information Governance Officer, and I met with Amanda and Radhika Shah to understand and develop requirements with respect to Information Governance (IG), Data Safe Haven (DSH) and Research Data Services (RDS). Amanda and Radhika then decided that Amanda will deal with DSH application for identifiable data; unidentifiable data would be maintained on the RDS. I clarified with James Wilson, Head of RDS, to confirm that the nature of the team's data is suitable for use on the RDS. Radhika applied for RDS accounts in November 2017 and have since been successfully using it in their workflow. This feedback is about use of RDS, as feedback of IG and DSH is planned for later.


July 2018

Q1. Briefly, what were the queries or requirements you contacted us research facilitators about?

We wanted storage for large quantities of data, over an extended period of time. We also requested storage for confidential patient data.
Q2. How far do you feel the applications / tools / services / advice we provided you with meet with your requirement?

Research Data Service has provided us with a safe platform for storing large quantities of  data. We are still in discussions regarding confidential data storage.
Q3. If you were recommended tools or services (Research Data Services, Data Safe Haven, Information Governance etc.), how effective was our facilitation service in providing you information and getting your accounts?

The team was very efficient in dealing with our queries and even referred us to attend follow-up sessions for any queries. 
Q4. What differences, if any, do the recommended IT tools / services make to your research work compared to before you used such tools / services?

We had no long term data storage abilities before and were always at risk of losing our data. Due to RDS, we now have secure storage for a large volume of data.
Q5. What suggestions do you have for research IT service facilitators to improve on for a very similar request?

None- we were very happy with the service received. Well done!