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User stories feedback: Valerie Kuan, Institute of Cardiovascular Science

User story feedback on Research Facilitation. "One improvement might be to update software and other packages in the safe haven... "

Summary: In 2016, Valerie applied for use of the Data Safe Haven to analyse the CALIBER data and was granted access. In early 2017, another researcher I was talking to referred Valerie to me with additional Research IT requirements and I organised a few meetings and support sessions to provide her additional tools in the DSH: the use of a VM Linux in project area for the necessary resources including increased storage and MySQL database. As Valerie indicated in January 2018, this provision has been stable and is meeting her requirement for research work.


February 2018

Q1. What is your research title?

Multimorbidity clusters and genetic pleiotropy in determining the effect of drug target modification
Q2. Briefly, what were the queries or requirements you contacted us research facilitators about?

Requirement for analysis of large data sets, so need for additional memory and the facility to use bash scripts and other software in the data safe haven
Q3. What suggestions do you have for Research IT Service facilitators to improve on for a very similar request?

I found the team very supportive and helpful. One improvement might be to update software and other packages in the safe haven as some of the packages are out of date. Also, it would be useful to have some training in how to access certain packages on the safe haven in bash, such as MySQL. As datasets become larger, using bash will become more useful for researchers.
Q4. How far do you feel the applications / tools / services / advice we provided you with meet with your requirement?

I have been able to carry out my analysis with all the tools provided.
Q5. If you were recommended tools or services (Data Safe Haven, Research Computing, programming tools including R, storage, etc.), how effective was our facilitation service in providing you information and getting your accounts?

It was effective. I have had to make some adjustments and compromises for my own needs but that hasn't been a problem so far.
Q6. What differences, if any, do the recommended IT tools / services make to your research work compared to before you used such tools / services?

I would not have been able to perform my research without the additional memory requirements and support from the team.