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User stories feedback: Krisztina Zuborne Alapi, UCL Cancer Institute

User story feedback on Research Facilitation. "We could meet with you within a short time."

Summary: I met with Krisztina in June 2017 on recommendation of Nick Mulliss (IT Service Manager, Faculty of Medical Sciences) that her research team's data be migrated to UCL REDCap. I happened to have been involved in the earlier Rebase migration project of which the dataset formed a part. Krisztina met with some difficulty migrating her data from Rebase to REDCap: essentially, the consultant I suggested became unavailable and she managed to locate another person (via the UCL REDCap mailing list) who transferred the data to REDCap and set it up for operation. Checking with Krisztina in May 2018, she confirmed the migrated data is fully working.


July 2017

Q1. Briefly, what were the queries or requirements you contacted us research facilitators about?

Our existing database was no longer fulfilled our requirements, so  we had to find a new database to where we could import all of our existing data. This new database had to be internet based, multiuser, secure (confidential data is collected). We also needed a person to find who can help us build the new database, import our data, train our group members and who can provide us with continuous tech support.

Q2. How far do you feel the applications / tools / services / advice we provided you with meet with your requirement?

We could meet with you within a short time, you provided us with an approx. time schedule, confirmation that redcap can fulfil our requirements, and with names and email addresses with potential people who can help us with the transfer.

Q3. If you were recommended tools or services (REDCap, Data Safe Haven, Information Governance, Research Data Services etc.), how effective was our facilitation service in providing you information and getting your accounts? 

We only know redcap.
From your side all information was provided with timely manner, We lost lots of time getting confirmation from tech support people form your list. Luckily although it delayed our transfer, there were no serious consequences.
Once we found the right person, everything went smoothly.

Q4. What differences, if any, do the recommended IT tools / services make to your research work compared to before you used such tools / services?

We had to give up our old database, as the necessary updates were no longer possible. Also, we couldn't add new users to the list. The new database is well looked after, we still use the contact person, who's name was provided by you as tech support person. Some audit tools still needs to be worked out for meeting with our needs.

Q5. What suggestions do you have for research IT service facilitators to improve on for a very similar request?

The most time we lost was finding the person who can help with the design and data import. From the list you provided only 1 person give us any reply. I'm not sure how those names were collected, but you might need to update the list of available experts.