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User stories feedback: Laura Shallcross, Institute of Health Informatics

User story feedback on Research Facilitation. "The assistance we have had to set this project up has been excellent."

Summary: project data was initially held on the Rebase web site hosted externally, which was then migrated into UCL ISD central hosting in September 2015. Laura's request was for the data to be migrated to UCL REDCap and this was done by a developer we suggested, and the work was completed in February 2017.


March 2017

Q1. Briefly, what were the queries or requirements you contacted us research facilitators about?

We wanted to migrate our existing database in rebase to redcap and wanted someone to help us to set up the new redcap database.

Q2. How far do you feel the applications / tools / services / advice we provided you with meet with your requirement?

The assistance we have had to set this project up has been excellent. We have only just started using redcap so it is too early to comment on how well the new database fits our requirements but early feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Q3. If you were recommended tools or services (Data Safe Haven, Information Governance, Research Software Development, Research Data Services, Computing Platforms, REDCap etc.), how effective was our facilitation service in providing you information and getting your accounts? 

Redcap: Once an individual had been identified who could help us to migrate from rebase to redcap the process was very smooth.

The process of setting the redcap account up was also straightforward. We also had a discussion about information governance requirements with a facilitator from the IT support team. This process was also straightforward.

Q4. What suggestions do you have for research IT services facilitators to improve on for a very similar request? 

It was immensely helpful to be able to identify an individual (Sasha) who could work with the research team to. facilitate the database migration and set up. Thanks very much David for your help in this regard.