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Volunteering for Institute of Education students

Volunteering is a huge part of student life here at UCL - last year, over 2200 UCL students got involved with our projects!

Whether you want to boost your CV, help your local community, create friendships, or just have fun, we can help you find the volunteering that works for you. We can even match you up with volunteering that connects with your academic study. There are lots of ways to get involved:

Volunteering Directory

With over 500 live vacancies on our Directory, we’re sure we can help you find the perfect volunteering role! Every opportunity you find through us will provide training, expenses and an excellent opportunity to develop your skills.

Sounds daunting? We promise it’s not! We want to make finding volunteering as easy as possible - you can filter our Directory by your interests and email us when you need that extra guidance. You could get involved in...

The Brightside Trust

Brightside uses online mentoring to connect young people with inspirational role models so they can make confident and informed decisions about their next steps in life. They offer great opportunities to develop your mentoring and communication skills, alongside experience working with young people.

The Literacy Pirates

Want to mentor young budding writers to create professionally published storybooks, CDs and websites? Join the Literacy Pirates in giving one-to-one support to young people aged 9 to 11 and organise workshops to spark their creativity. There are many UCL students and various other volunteers from different backgrounds already helping out, so if you think that you are pirate material, check this link out for more information.


The IntoUniversity Mentoring Scheme pairs university student mentors with young people aged 10-17 from some of London’s most disadvantaged areas, providing them with tailored one-to-one support to boost their aspirations and achieve their full potential. 


The Kids Network are a London based organisation working in boroughs across the city to help support children aged 8-11 through one-to-one mentoring. In weekly sessions, mentors help grow their mentee’s confidence and resilience, broaden their horizons and prepare them for the transition between primary and secondary school. They are always looking for the community to grow and are currently on the look out for fun, passionate and committed individuals who are interested in making a meaningful impact to the lives of little Londoners.

Student-Led Volunteering

Our Student-Led Volunteering Programme gives you the chance to run a community project that has a real impact on the lives of other Londoners. We provide training, 1-2-1 support, help with volunteer recruitment and you can apply for funding of up to £750. You'll develop a variety of skills including project management, leadership and problem solving.

If you have a bright idea for a community volunteering project or would like to run one of our existing projects, we'd love to hear from you!

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