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You Shaped UCL

5 ways your views and ideas are shaping UCL

At UCL IOE we want you to collaborate with us as partners and take an active role in the UCL community, one way you can do that is via feedback.

Your feedback helps us make changes for you and future students in the same way previous students' feedback helped make some of the changes you have seen during your time at the UCL.

This year, student feedback has already led to the following outcomes:

1. Seeking the help of alumni to aid students in making dissertation and research topic decisions

You said

When choosing dissertation topics and self-study online units, we want input from peers who have already studied this module and completed their dissertation (i.e., alumni).

We did

In a collaborative project involving current students, alumni and staff, the IOE's Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (CPA) developed a way for students to access alumni for inspiration and advice. We invited alumni to answer students' questions and record videos so that students could learn more about previous students' experiences of studying that course.

2. Making files clearer and more available

You said

We want easier access to the Assessment Record Files.

We did

We made the Assessment Record Files more transparent and uploaded them to programme Moodle pages in order to make them more accessible.

3. Improving assessment

You said

We want to see improvements in feedback and guidance on what is expected in assessments.

We did

IOE academics Dr Mary Richardson and Dr Ruth Dann created the Good Practice in Assessment guide that has been distributed to staff across all of UCL to help staff evaluate how they are conducting assessments and how this can be improved. 

4. First Year Tasks

You Said

In some instances it isn't clear what is expected in tasks for first year students.

We did

We worked with Transition mentors to understand how this was the case and how new students were settling in. From this we invited students to a face to face Q&A session as well as creating a Q&A forum on Moodle. 

5. Accessible Textbooks

You Said

There are some modules with key textbooks that aren't accessible.

We did

We worked with you to identify another textbook, which covered the entire curriculum needed but was more accessible.

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