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Extenuating Circumstances

The guidance on this page is for students of the UCL Institute of Education only.
All other students should seek the advice of their Home department and/or Faculty.

Illness and other Extenuating Circumstances

UCL recognises that some students can experience serious difficulties and personal problems which affect their ability to complete an assessment such as a sudden, serious illness or the death of a close relative. Students need to make sure that they notify UCL of any circumstances which are unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond their control, and which might have a significant impact on their performance at assessment. UCL can then put in place alternative arrangements, such as an extension or a deferral of assessment to a later date. The Extenuating Circumstances Panel will determine the nature and timing of the deferral, which may be offered with or without tuition/ attendance.

Longer-term conditions

The Extenuating Circumstances regulations are designed to cover unexpected emergencies; they are not always the best way to help students who might have a longer-term medical or mental health condition or a disability. Although there may be times when it is necessary for such students to use the EC regulations, students should make sure they are aware of, and take advantage of, all the other support mechanisms provided by UCL such as:

How do I apply for Extenuating Circumstances?


Step 1: Check.

Check whether your circumstances are covered by these procedures - we may be able to support you better through Reasonable Adjustments or an Interruption of Study.



Step 2: Complete.

Complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form and obtain supporting evidence from a doctor or other appropriate authority.

To help expedite the process, please make sure that you include the following within your form:

  • Your name and student number
  • The form of mitigation you are seeking
  • Dates affected by the extenuating circumstances (from and to)
  • Module name(s) and code(s)
  • The original set assessment deadline(s)
  • Supporting evidence (must be in English)

For guidance on the type of evidence required by UCL, please click here.

Download Extenuating Circumstances Form

Step 3: Submit.

Make all efforts to submit your form and evidence within 1 week of the circumstance taking place.

Depending on the type of request, you should submit via one of the two following ways:

  • Requests for extensions of up to one week:

Submit your form and evidence(s) to your Programme Leader and/or Programme Administrator.

You can find their details in the Programme Contacts section here.

Your request will be considered by your Programme Leader who will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

  • For all other types of request, including:

        - Coursework extensions of more than 7 days
        - Late requests that are beyond 7 days after the circumstances taking place
        - Requests of up to one week where you would prefer the panel to consider the case for reasons of confidentiality, other personal reasons
        - Condoned late submission of coursework
        - Alternative methods of assessment
        - Deferral of assessment to the next occasion
        - Exclusion from module/progression/ classification requirements

Submit your completed form and evidence(s) via email to ioe-ec@ucl.ac.uk.

Your request will be considered at the next meeting of the IOE Faculty Extenuating Circumstances Panel, or by Chair's Action if your deadline is identified as imminent. The panel will contact you with the outcome of your request within one week of the panel meeting.