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IOE Doctoral Community

Led by doctoral students for doctoral students, we provide various types of support including a Mentor-mentee scheme, academic and non-academic events.

Doctoral community

Getting started

The IOE Doctoral Community is a student-led module, which aims to provide various types of support for doctoral students by doctoral students. We hold termly academic and non-academic events for doctoral students by doctoral students. We also hold a Mentor-mentee scheme, aiming to encourage peer support. The mentoring scheme is running all year round and everyone would be able to join us at any time, either as a mentor or a mentee. 

In this particularly difficult time, we are very keen to support you as much as we can. Ask questions you have, share your experience with your peers, or let us know if there are any issues you would like to raise with us! Our community is always very welcoming and helpful!

Mentor-mentee scheme

The aim of the Student Mentor Scheme is to support first-year students as they transition into the doctoral study by providing an opportunity for students to connect with each other across stages of doctoral study. The idea is that newer students can learn from the experiences of their more advanced peers as well as peers from their cohort by engaging in discussions about student life at UCL IOE. 

Student mentor groups will meet every 2 weeks for an hour to catch up and talk about any issues or experiences they would like to share. In the pilot this was not only a great opportunity to learn from each other, but also a nice way to make friends and take a break from the library to be social!

Responding to the current pandemic, we are aiming to hold all events online this year, including our mentoring scheme. We are also aware that students who joined us last year or early this year might still feel relatively fresh to the IOE. Therefore, we also welcome students who are in their second year to join our mentoring scheme as mentees.

How to join

To join, simply enrol in the IOE Doctoral Community Moodle course. You can also sign up to be a mentee or mentor in the Moodle course.

If you are interested in being a mentee, please choose your mentee group which suits your timetable under 'Mentee group selection'. If you are interested in volunteering to be a mentor with us, please register your interest under 'signing up for the scheme'. 

Once you have selected your group/ signed up as mentors, we will get in touch with you via email. Groups will take place at various times and days of the week and each of the mentors will have different research interests and experiences so there will be something for everyone! 

There is plenty of flexibility and the environment is friendly so please do get in touch with us at ioe.cde.doctoral.community@ucl.ac.uk if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!