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IOE Learners' Community

Join the IOE Learners' Community to help us create initiatives that leave an impact on the student experience at the IOE. Develop leadership and problem-solving skills, and make new friends!

Entrepreneurship in Education debate event organised by Learners' Community

Getting started

The Learners' Community is a student and staff collaboration to develop extra-curricular activities for IOE students. This was kickstarted in March 2020, just before Covid lockdown, as part of a ChangeMakers project.

What we do

We are a diverse group of people and everybody is very welcome to join. We meet every Friday morning to work on projects or develop new ideas. We encourage students from all programmes and levels to join in and share their ideas.

In the past the group has organised career events (e.g., panel debate with early years industry experts), peer-to-peer training events (e.g., Research Data Analysis and Coding delivered by PGR students) as well as creative sessions and networking events.  We are currently creating different workshops to support students' academic performance in this challenging time. We have also started an exciting entrepreneurship initiative where students can develop skills needed for their future progression and career.

How to join

We want to hear what you have to say and your ideas! Send us an email at teamioe@ucl.ac.uk to express your interest and join. 

We look forward to hearing from you.