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UCL ChangeMakers supports staff-student partnership work to enhance the student learning experience across UCL. Submit a proposal for funding and support - turn your idea into reality.


The ChangeMakers project funding applications are available throughout the year. If you need an inspiration, we'd love to share with you a case study of recent application.

Along with the members of staff, a group of students ran a "Reflections from the CPA COVID Cohort" project. The aim of our project was to establish how the PGTs from the COVID Cohort (2019-2020) in our department, CPA, adapted to the new online teaching and learning environment. An online survey and follow up interviews were used to collect data on participants’ perspectives on synchronous/asynchronous modes of teaching, the technology needed to support online learning, and challenges they encountered to adapting to this new way of learning; this data was then used to create a video ‘Preparing for Online Learning’ that was shared with the incoming 2020-2021 cohort. Please read more about this initiative and what difference this has made to staff or students?  

For more information or to find out how you can join, please email teamioe@ucl.ac.uk - We look forward to meeting you soon!