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UCL ChangeMakers

UCL ChangeMakers provides project funding as a tool to help faculties and departments address student feedback and ideas. Through these projects, students and staff work together in partnership to bring about improvements to the student learning experience at UCL.

Funding still available

We are still accepting applications for departmental projects in 2020. 

You might want to consider how staff and students can work in partnership to find local solutions to the shift to remote learning and assessment.

Any funding received needs to be spent within this financial year (by the end of July 2020).

However, you can plan to extend and build on projects started now as part of your 2020/21 departmental project.

For example, planning for and then carrying out, activities such as:

  • transition
  • welcome
  • community-building activities. 

If you have already received funding, you are welcome to re-scope it towards responding to the shift to remote learning and assessment.

Contact: changemakers@ucl.ac.uk


Get involved in a running a UCL ChangeMakers project

Departmental Projects

Up to £850 available for a ChangeMakers project per teaching department. Projects are sought via SSCCs and approved at departmental level. Find out more and how to apply.

Find out how UCL ChangeMakers support the ASER process

Faculty Projects

Up to £1500 available for projects identified and shaped by faculty staff in partnership with faculty reps and approved by faculty teaching committees. Find out more.


Institutional Projects

To forward the educational priorities of UCL in partnership with students. Find out which projects we are currently supporting and how to get involved as a Student Fellow. 

Support for ChangeMakers…

Postgraduate Research Projects

Project funding of £500 or £1000 to improve the experiences of postgraduate research students. Find out how to apply for funding.

ChangeMakers Moodle Resource

Visit the ChangeMakers Moodle (UCL login required) to:

  • Find out how to apply for departmental, faculty & PGR projects;
  • Access application forms;
  • Recieve information and guidance on designing, approving and undertaking a ChangeMakers project;
  • Find training materials for students working on ChangeMakers projects. 

Student Quality Reviewers

ChangeMakers also works with the Students' Union to run UCL's Student Quality Reviewers scheme. The scheme's objective is to ensure students are involved in meaningful roles in our quality assurance and quality enhancement processes.

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