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UCL ChangeMakers

ChangeMakers is an exciting, sector-leading initiative that has supported over 200 student-staff partnership projects since 2014. Through these projects, students and staff work together to bring about educational change at UCL.
“Lovely initiative, I would call it a flagship for UCL: it makes staff and students work together, improving partnerships between them.” ChangeMakers Student

You can find out more about this sector-leading initiative in the 'About us' section, including reports, publications and awards. ChangeMakers helps UCL drive forward its objective to work with students as partners to imagine, articulate and initiate improvements to education at UCL.

ChangeMakers offers 3 different opportunities for students and staff to undertake partnership projects:

  1. Departmental projects; up to £850 available for projects sought and devised through staff-student consultative committees and approved at departmental teaching committees. At least one project is guaranteed per department. Proposals will be sought from Autumn Term 2019.
  2. Faculty projects; up to £1500 available for projects identified and shaped by faculty staff in partnership with faculty reps and approved by faculty teaching committees. The current deadline is 28th March 2019.
  3. Institutional projects; to forward the educational priorities of Prof Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs) and the Students’ Union Education Sabbatical Officer. Students are recruited as Student Fellows. The pilot phase of these projects is currently underway. 
    Get involved in a running a UCL ChangeMakers project

    Departmental Projects

    Learn how departmental projects work and find out about the support on offer.

    Find out how UCL ChangeMakers support the ASER process

    Faculty Projects

    Information for student reps and staff. Find out about current projects. 

    Find out about where UCL ChangeMakers started and the team behind it

    Institutional Projects

    Discover which institutional projects we are currently supporting. 

    Student Quality Reviewers

    ChangeMakers also works with the Students' Union to run UCL's Student Quality Reviewers scheme. The scheme's objective is to ensure students are involved in meaningful roles in our quality assurance and quality enhancement processes.

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