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AI Co-Creators projects

New role to support students and staff working together to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by generative AI. For summer 2023 only.

Hear from the project teams who are keen to share the learning from their summer project. These are 50 minute online sessions.

Applications closed

Please note, we are no longer taking new applications. Instead, please consider a ChangeMakers Project or even engage in a dialogue with some students about AI through ChangeMakers Teaching Dialogue

What are AI Co-Creator projects?

The AI Co-Creator projects are funded projects that support students and staff to explore current and emerging AI tools collaboratively. The findings and outputs produced from this work will fuel further discussions between students and staff at UCL and help both engage in using AI tools more confidently and effectively.                  

    What projects have you funded?

    We have funded 61 projects across all 11 UCL faculties.

    AI Co-Creator project on 'Assessment'.

    Who: Dr Sahan Bulathwela (staff) and Sadia Amini (student)

    Department: Computer Science

    What: This projects aims to build an AI assistant that will generate educational questions using lecture transcripts. Such a tool will generate the first version of educational questions that a stakeholder can shape further to build pedagogically sound educational questions. The tool can be useful to lecturers who want to create quick quizzes for their lectures and also students who want to self test themselves and run peer assessment activities.

    Projects were funded in the following areas:

    1. Assessment: 15 projects
    2. Feedback: 2 projects
    3. Learning Support: 15 projects
    4. Exploring AI: 29 projects

    AI Co-Creator project on 'Exploring AI'.

    Who: Dr Simon Rowberry (staff) and Violet Zhang (student)

    Where: Information Students

    What: This project is investigating how to integrate critical and ethical AI literacy into teaching related to vocational book publishing training. The team are exploring two aspects of employability: short-term practical experience of engaging ethically with contemporary generative AI tools in their professional work; and secondly, developing templates for critical and ethical reflection on the use of these tools and their limitations in the longer-term that can provide valuable analytical potential for publishing companies. The ultimate aim is to provide a strong forward thinking practice-based publishing education that will set students up for short term practical knowledge acquisition and a longer term critical and reflexive understanding of AI in publishing.

    Where can I find out more about the projects?

    The projects are currently underway but each will produce a report in various formats that we will share more widely throughout term 1.

    Can I get involved?

    We are no longer taking applications for projects. However, you might like to think about applying for ChangeMakers project funding next to take forward an idea you have for exploring the uses of AI in education. 

    • For students who are interested in AI and its implications for education or society more broadly, you might like to consider joining the AI society

    AI Co-Creator project on 'Learning Support'.

    Who: Stephen Gurman (staff) and Saira Shahzad (student)

    Where: UCL Careers

    What: This team will be exploring how to utilise generative AI as a learning buddy, to help students improve the quality of their written applications and CV, to develop students’ understanding of different sectors through researching different job areas (brainstorming). The team aim to create a portfolio of resources such as useful prompts/templates, examples of best practice, and case studies as to how AI might be used by students in a self-directed way to enhance their careers education. For example, a case study highlighting ways in which Generative AI might be used in graduate and internship recruitment processes.


    Where can I get more support?

    If you are a member of staff concerned about the impact of AI on your teaching and assessments, we recommend reaching out to your Faculty Learning Technology Lead or Arena Faculty Contact

    Over the coming months, UCL will be releasing more guidance including a self-paced student module to increase AI literacy and support resources for staff.