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About UCL ChangeMakers

UCL ChangeMakers is about collaboration and innovation to enhance the UCL learning experience. Students and staff work together to make changes for the benefit of everyone in the UCL community.


  • Students undertaking the projects become more engaged, responsible and pro-active learners – students with a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Departments gain the expertise and enthusiasm of students motivated to help make positive change at UCL. 
  • Both learn from the experience of working with the other in a relationship of trust, equality and mutual gain.

DR Jenny Marie & Prof Dilly Fung presenting awards at the ChangeMakers Fair

Publications from the ChangeMakers team

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Publications from ChangeMakers projects teams

(Please let us know if yours is missing: changemakers@ucl.ac.uk)

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  • SHRE Talk on 'Students as Partners in Learning, Teaching and Assessment', Jenny Marie (alongside colleagues from other universities), October 2019. A recording of the presentations can vbe found on: SRHE Podcast.
  • Co-Leading a workshop on Partnership, Jenny Marie (with others) RAISE Conference, September 2019 
  • Co-Facilitating a 3 day workshop at the International Students as Partners Change Institute, Jenny Marie & Jacob Rix, University of Adelaide, July 2019
  • 'Changing ChangeMakers: reflections on re-structuring our institution-wide staff-student partnership scheme' Nick Grindle & Abbie King, Change Agents Network Conference, May 2019
  • 'What aspects of research-based education are most likely to be developed through student-staff partnership projects?' Abbie King, Sandra Lusk, Jenny Marie & Fiona Wilkie, RAISE Conference 2018
  • 'Promoting research based learning and engagement with external audiences through the use of portfolios', Evelyn Andrada Mantoiu, Nicholas Grindle, Fiona Wilkie, Jacob Rix, Joseph Cook, George Hadjipavlis, Saiful Islam and Kshipra Kulkarni, RAISE Conference Sept 2018
  • Keynote ‘What do we value about University Engagement?’ Student Fellows Conference, University of Winchester, May 2018
  • 'Developing Student Quality Reviewers' Abbie King, Sandra Lusk, Jenny Marie, April 2018
  • 'Experiences of UCL ChangeMakers Student Fellows' Maisie Harrison, Manuela Irarrázabal, Octavian Maxim, Saul Wodak, April 2018
  • RAISE Conference 2017
  • Chaired plenary panel (with Bernadette Foley, University of Adelaide) on 'The role of Students in Research-based Education'. Connecting Higher Education conference, June 2017
  • CAN Conference 2016
  • Keynote (with Stecia Fletcher, Tobias Bueschel and Francesca Peruzzo) ‘Making Educational Change Through Staff Student Partnerships’ UCL Teaching and Learning Conference, 19 April 2016 (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/stream/media/swatch?v=13daf5ac3474)
  • CAN Conference 2015


  • University of the Arts on Student Reviewers of Teaching Practice; 
  • University of Pottsdam on Student Reviewers of Teaching Practice;
  • University of Bristol on ChangeMakers;
  • City Lit on ChangeMakers;
  • University of Auckland on ChangeMakers; 
  • University of Hull on ChangeMakers;
  • LSE on ChangeMakers;
  • Miroslava Dmitrieva (German Chancellor Fellowship for prospective leaders) on ChangeMakers;
  • Dual Conseil, France on ChangeMakers;
  • Goldsmiths College on ChangeMakers;
  • University of Queensland on the operation of ChangeMakers;
  • Imperial College London, on ChangeMakers
  • Sheffield University on the ChangeMakers ‘scholars’ scheme.
  • McMaster’s Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Learning and Teaching (MIIETL, now the MacPherson Institute) on ChangeMakers


  • Dr Jenny Marie, National Teaching Fellow, 2018
  • Dr Jenny Marie, Provost's Teaching Award, 2017
  • Abbie King, Provost's Excellence Award (Innovation), 2015

UCL ChangeMakers Team

Abbie KingStrategic Projects Manager (Education & Student Experience), Arena Centreabbie.king@ucl.ac.uk
Fiona WilkieProjects Officer (Quality Assurance & Enhancement, Arena Centref.wilkie@ucl.ac.uk
Sandra LuskProjects Officer (Recognition, Development & Resources)s.lusk@ucl.ac.uk