UCL Changemakers


About UCL ChangeMakers

UCL ChangeMakers is about collaboration and innovation to enhance the UCL learning experience. Students and staff work together to make changes for the benefit of everyone in the UCL community.

Team photo of the ChangeMakers team, Student Fellows and ChangeMakers project staff and students

ChangeMakers has been running since 2014-15 when we piloted 10 student-led projects infleunced by the work of Lizz Dunne's Students as Change Agents at the University of Exeter. Since then, ChangeMakers has evolved to support 50-80 projects each academic year unpinned by the values of student-staff partnership.


  • Students undertaking the projects become more engaged, responsible and pro-active learners – students with a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Departments gain the expertise and enthusiasm of students motivated to help make positive change at UCL. 
  • Both learn from the experience of working with the other in a relationship of trust, equality and mutual gain.


ChangeMakers Team

Abbie King & Fiona Wilkie