UCL Changemakers


Community Engaged Learning for UCL students

Are you a UCL student who wants to enhance your experience at UCL? Community Engaged Learning (CEL) links you up with the local community to make a real impact.

About CEL

CEL is a form of experiential learning that develops partnerships and collaborative projects into teaching between faculty, students and external partners.

CEL promotes UCL's distinctive approach to education that makes connections between people, research and the wider world. ​


There are many benefits of getting involved: ​

Enhanced student experience, engagement and leadership

You will receive hands-on, practical experience and they explore how to synthesise and exploit disciplinary expertise in pursuit of knowledge and solutions to local and global problems as Global citizens.e (Abes et al., 2002; Fallini & Moely, 2003; UCL Strategy 2034, Theme 2; Sustainable Development Goals).​

​Increased sensitivity and capacity to manage diversity

You will be exposed to different groups of people, often those they might otherwise not connect with. You will develop a greater sensitivity to issues of diversity and an increased capacity to manage issues of diversity positively (Keen and Hall, 2009).​​

Preparing for the workplace and the world

You will get the opportunity to work with potential future employers in authentic situations and develop transferable skills and life-readiness. You will be empowered to become active citizens who practice respect and empathy, seek collaboration, cooperation and creativity (Astin & Sax, 1998; Vitae Researcher Development Framework).

Get involved

Community Engaged Learning Ambassadors  

As a UCL student, you have the opportunity to become Community Engaged Learning Ambassadors. CEL Ambassadors, take an in-depth look at different areas of academic practice at UCL. They help to improve how the university works by providing detailed feedback and analysis from a student perspective.​

​As a CEL Ambassador, you can inform the way we do CEL at UCL and actively contribute towards enhancing Teaching and Learning.​

Check Student Quality Reviewers pages for more information and available opportunities. ​

Other services

Evaluation Exchange ​

The Evaluation Exchange is an initiative that connects UCL postgraduate researchers with VSOs by forming collaborative partnership to tackle an evaluation challenge (be that designing an evaluation plan, developing a theory of change, designing surveys, analysing existing data, or writing an impact report). ​​

Community Research Initiative for Students (CRIS)​

The Community Research Initiative for Students (CRIS) is a way for you to do something exciting with your master’s dissertation. We connect you with London’s voluntary sector to share knowledge and ideas. This collaboration will help shape your research project. Your work will be directly informed by a current community need in our capital.​