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Arts for Mental Health (ARTSMH)

Interested in arts and psychology? ARTSMH is a student-led non-profit unincorporated organization that promotes mental health through the arts!

Getting started

ARTSMH is a student-led non-profit unincorporated organization that hopes to provide students who are interested in both arts and psychology the opportunity to explore, experience, and learn together. We aim to promote mental health through the arts (e.g. drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpting…) and act as a platform for students to grow their knowledge and interest in arts and psychology. Come join us to explore the power of art, learn about different mental health tips, and boost your knowledge in psychology with like-minded students.

UCL Branch ARTSMH X ChangeMakers 

Supported by ChangeMakers, the UCL Creative Programme/Groups is the UCL branch of the main ARTSMH creative groups launched in April 2021. This program is designed to help UCL students better understand and experience the power of arts in creating good mental wellbeing. Participants will be encouraged to reflect, explore and express in these sessions.

The first few sessions will be explorative and the latter sessions will be dedicated to creating an individual/collaborative artwork to be exhibited in the annual ARTSMH online exhibition. Throughout this program, at least 4 creative sessions will be held by each group. The main ARTSMH organization will provide guidelines and assistance throughout the entire program. 

Creative groups

  • Music
  • Painting and drawing
  • Dancing and drama
  • 3D and crafts 


ARTSMH invites guest speakers to give talks on topics that are related to art and mental health once a month.

Article submissions

We also welcome article submissions to be published on our organization's website. (psychology and/or arts-related) 

How to join

Complete the registration form, or check out the ARTSMH website for more information. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Trista Wu. We look forward to seeing you!